Digital Kill, The / Stare
Album: Stare   Collection:General
Artist:Digital Kill, The   Added:Feb 2007

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2. May 10, 2007: Cognitive Overload
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3. May 05, 2007: On The Warpath
6. Apr 24, 2007: a sound escape

Album Review
Scurvious George
Reviewed 2007-04-17
Post-rock. Very distraught voice. Some screamo moments, some mild-experimental moments, piano moments (avoid). FCC, but very hard to make out. Picks 2,7,10,3,8,1

*1-2:35) Weird static, backwards loop
**2-5:17) FCC? "fucking". Starts full, epic, screamo. stops -3:00. quiet bell tolls. Quiet, anguished singing.-1:34 band comes back. fades into guitar plucking cont. into next song.
*3-10:01) High pitched elec. guitar/harmonics. Post-rock. quiet male vox. -7:00 builds to beat. by -5:00 get to the screams. -1:20 dies, to quiet guitar with muffled pounding drums. Fades into 4.
4-8:42) Piano, slow jangly, unhappy voice. held chord fade. Avoid.
5-7:29) Piano, persistent one note line. Similar to 4, but a little faster. Last two minutes get a little rocky. End on quiet piano noodles.
6-5:37) Quiet, post-rock. Ghosty guitar tones. Repetitive plod. Very quiet singing. FCC "fuck"?
**7-7:11) Plodding, very distraught almost Nirvana style vox. At -1:35 bursts into angry rock. Intense. Drops suddenly to quiet pulsing bassline end.
*8-7:41) Quiet elec. pulse to -6:07, then drums add a pummeling rhythm. Instr. driving, mad, sampled wailed vocals hidden under fuzz. -3:17 turns into post-rock fuzz slowly dimishing to end allowing the wailed vox to be heard.
9-10:32) Quiet solo piano repetitively rises and falls, almost in a classical minimalist vein. Last 30 sec. quiet staticky noise that builds cont. to 10.
**10-2:52) Feedback, loud, mid/fast chaotic very full post-punky.
11-7:34) Quiet elec. guitar plucks. Quiet martial pummeling with the dissatisfied voice. -3:20 crashes into loud, epic, full rock/alt-rock. Ends quiet with swirly and jangly elect. guitar noises.

Track Listing
1. Gentle   6. Social
2. Herb   7. Rape
3. Sometimes   8. Child
4. Fade   9.
5. Stare   10. Cancer
  11. Frail