County Medical Examiners, The / Olidous Operettas
Album: Olidous Operettas   Collection:General
Artist:County Medical Examiners, The   Added:Feb 2007
Label:Relapse Records  

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1. Aug 04, 2007: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Epeditious Evisceratory Mishap
3. Jun 20, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Necrotic Apologues
2. Jun 30, 2007: Cognitive Overload
Kaleidoscopic Malacia
4. Jun 19, 2007: too heavy for titanium
Epeditious Evisceratory Mishap

Album Review
Reviewed 2007-06-18
Gore-grind, sounds like early Carcass (intentionally) - not as good, but still fun. Snarling vocals, one *very* cookie-monster like, one a little higher/snarlier. Grind-speed fast but not ridiculously fast. Lots of short repeated guitar riffs, usually a short 80’s guitar solo in the middle of each track. The lyrics are funny/ridiculous and actually sorta poetic – “Vomitus epiphany”, “Necrolytic bubbling, chymic innards splash”... The liner notes have pictures of torture instruments? like “The Tromba Tissue Mincer”. Ha. Would go with Ghoul and Bathtub Shitter.

*1. Catchiest track, and maybe the most varied. Trade-off vocals and a steady beat throughout.
2. Slower, a less-dense beat, lots of guitar, gets denser. Great twin growl in the middle.
*3. Nice intro! Drum/guitar onslaught into a gallop into snarling and heavy guitar.
4. Thrashy. One of my least favorite tracks, it’s just kinda clunky, flat. Nice drums though.
*5. Catchy though almost too repetitive. Awesome just-off twin vocals @ about 1:00 left. Short 80’s metal guitar solo.
6. Short intro then a big disgusting growl, sounds like it belongs in a campy horror flick. Tight breakdown.
*7. One of the more chaotic tracks. Very silly lyrics.
*8. Slower, chugging, snarling away, twin guitars that sound slightly Atari, some nice stop-starts in the middle. The words are downright catchy / sing-songy.

Track Listing
1. Casper's Dictum   5. The Virchow Postmortem Procedure
2. Morgagnic Anatomics   6. Epeditious Evisceratory Mishap
3. Necrotic Apologues   7. Maturating Decompositional Gas
4. Blunt Force Flight   8. Kaleidoscopic Malacia