Urgehal / Goatcraft Torment
Album: Goatcraft Torment   Collection:General
Artist:Urgehal   Added:Feb 2007
Label:Southern Lord Recordings  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-03-06
Norwegian “no brainer” black metal. Often well-executed in every place. Stripped down the “essentials”: loud thrashing riffs, tons of bombast, fierce vocals, forceful repetition, goats and…satan. These fiends know how to put the METAL in Black Metal. Think Darkthrone, old Saytricon & 1349.

(((((1))))) Fast & lighting quick hellish Norsk BM. “Diis isz Sataneek Bleck Metahel!”
((((((2)))))) By horns of goat!-Is this fast & furious! Pure black/thrash madness. Nasty vocals.
((((((3))))) Punkish yet epic “blackened metal-crust” (!?) ‘ala recent Darkthrone. Sung in Norwegian. Kvlt!
((((4)))) Mid paced ‘death march’ with lots of nice Celtic Frost-ish vocal presence in the chorus. Drags a little too long though.
(((5))) Aggressive but “not-quite there” black/thrash with clangy drumming. Nice Slayer-ish solo. Yes, the title is redundant but “satan’s got all the best bands”.
((((6)))) Starts off being fairly ‘typical’ Norse BM but it continues to build into a real monster. (Check it out 2:50 onward).
((((((7))))) Black thrashin’ mayhemic destruction! Best onomonpoetic vocal moment: “Woorrraarrgh!”
(((((8)))) Tremelo riffing overkill but a nice & pissed off sound often venturing into even more of the “black thrash attack”. Best onomonpoetic moment: “Bleeechk!”
((((9)))) Another from the Darkthrone cookie cutter but what a grim, true and EVIL METAL cookie they bake! Fast, fast and faassst!
((((10)))) Slow, murky with some thick riffs, goes a little too long in places but otherwise it’s a ‘pleasing yet vile sound “Rrrryeeeeaaaha!”

Track Listing
1. Goatcraft Torment   6. Nefastus Nexnecis
2. Risus Sardonius   7. Gathered Under The Horns
3. Antireligiss   8. Selvmordssalme
4. Dedsmarsftil Helvete   9. Sentiment Of Chaos
5. Satanicblack Metal In Hell   10. Et Steg Naermere Lucifer