Solter, Scott / Canonic: Scott Solter Plays Pattern Is Movement
Album: Canonic: Scott Solter Plays Pattern Is Movement   Collection:General
Artist:Solter, Scott   Added:Jan 2007

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Album Review
Scott Coomes
Reviewed 2007-04-01
Pattern is Movement/Scott Solter: Canonic (Hometapes)
Electronic remix of Pattern is Movement album Stowaway by producer Scott Solter. Insert says Solter physically trashed the tapes of the original to create weird effects (but I can’t really hear much of a rock album underneath this myself….). IDM w/ scattering of rock samples. Lots of incidental bleeps, bass tones, rock samples. Standard dance synth lines; oodles of moog effects. Cool use of white noise over simple loops. Play #5, 1, 11, 12; No Fccs.
1) 3:05 – starts w/ ambient noises + percussion; slow IDM beat; piano melody + ethereal pop male vox.
2) 3:16 – starts w/ light beat. Then ethereal wisps crescendo across the piece. Cool guitar samples + creaky effects. Neato, but doesn’t really go anywhere.
3) 5:05 – starts w/ string “shimmers”; organic white noise pulse; glitchy, messy beat starts around 2:14. ethereal synth. Gets faster.
4) 0:49 – atmospheric, reverby interlude.
5) 3:41 – moody, aggressive beat. Cool glitchy beat + organic percussion/guitar samples. End heavy w/ synth strings.
6) 6:09 – white noise layers underneath stark industrial percussion. Cool organ and flute samples. Simple dance beat gives structure to waves of ambient white noise. Beat drops out with 1:10 left, leaving drone.
7) 1:04 – short interlude. Distorted synth strings. Dark…I don’t like this place.
8) 2:49 – dark, hollow beat w/ spurts of electronic static. Glitchy shuffles in the shadows. Random incidental noises in the background.
9) 4:11 –tremolo, stuttering glitchy electronic melody. Rising and vanishing guitar distortion tone. Reverby rock vox samples. Aggressive dance beat. Electronic white noise buzzing. Faux-disc skipping.
10) 0:26 – quick, quiet interlude with piano rumbles.
11) 3:01 – distorted ethereal human vox samples. Super-compressed vocal line. Steel drum + banjo melody loop? Catchy. Glitch beats + moog effects.
12) 3:24 –backwards instrumental melody loop over high pitch tones. Incidental bass, treble tones. Cool buzzes of electronic white noise get louder near end.

Track Listing
1. Blanched And Threshed   7. Interlude No. 2
2. In Tape Grass   8. Diamond Back
3. Wire Cloth   9. Abrade The Beat
4. Interlude No. 1   10. Interlude No. 3
5. Witkin Dub   11. In Glasstone
6. Grimes Cutup   12. The Memory Of In Or Out