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Label:Le Grand Magistery  

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Album Review
Rebecca Sacks
Reviewed 2007-02-03
The Music Lovers- Guide for Young People
Reviewed by Rebecca
Rock and electronic influenced retro-pop from England-natives relocated to SF. Sounds like a less sweet Belle and Sebastian. Synth-piano and guitar strumming offers a background to most of their songs. Great head-bopping beats. Really reminiscent of the 70s. The lead singer has a great rich tone that is lower and much more colorful than one might expect on a pop album, but he manipulates it well for a variety in expressiveness.
Recommended Tracks: 5, 7, 9
FCC Indecent track 6
1. (2:14) Bouncy and upbeat with vocals somewhat reminiscent of The Killers' Brendon Flowers (but in a good way.) And how can you not like a track with the lyric: “I hope that all the Marxist girls want me tonight.”
2. (3:08) Hypnotic intorductory section that transforms into a tune teeming with intense bitter energy. Edwards' vocals are at their peak in this song, husky and colorful.3. (5:27) Stereotypical seventies porn music instrumentals. A meandering melody perfect for sitting out on a lawn in the sun. The band describes this song as “romantic cynicism” which fits in with the obviously purposefully saccharine lyrics.
4. (2:53) Opening instrumentals sound like Death Cab's Transatlanticism, and when the vocals come in they continue with quite a cliché melody. Pretty much a real weak point on the album. One redeeming factor-- it's got a nice beat. If you don't really listen to it, it's almost danceable.

**5.(3:43) Entrancing duet between lead singer, Edwards, and pianist/accordianist Jun Kurihara who has a wonderful husky voice that sounds like a cross between Yoko Ono and a Edith Piaf. Hypnotic, somewhat repetitive guitar backing. High point in the the accordian accompaniment. Slow self-deprecating lyrics. Like sitting alone in a busy Parisian cafe.
6.(3:07) FCC indecent for one fuck at 1:36. Great driving guitars, great dums, fabulous walking bass. A winner rock-pop song with a British accent. A “mini-greek saga of lager, kebabs, and long walks home after the nightclub.” Feels like something to end with!
**7. (2:13) I might just be a sucker for accordian, but it adds such a vintagey feel to this song. Sounds like old French nightclubs. Great throaty, simple vocals paired with drums, guitar, accordian, tambourine and horns. Ends with a lovely acappella section.
8. (2:31) The band even admits that this song is a huge cliche. Typical dance song about seeing someone hot on the dance floor. Somewhat creative use of piano, but you've heard this song a million times before.
**9. (2:04) The accordian again! The best part of this song is the sporadic guitar melody. It's uppaced, though not really happy. Long instrumental section that sounds sort of sea-shantyesque. Feels like it's about ready to spin out of control at any moment.
10. (5:42) Great rhythmic use of a bassline at the start. A real summer at the beach song. Somewhat annoying drone in background. Strumming guitars and echoey synthesizers. Reminds me of that horrible Beach Boys song “Kokomo” a lot. And it goes on forever.
11. (2:47) A good finale to the album. Piano-driven pop with a good drum beat. Sounds like a big brother being nostalgic to his younger brother at the same time giving him advice. The bridge is catchy and I like that it's mostly piano driven. Cliché hand-clapping section kind of ruins it for me though.

Track Listing
1. Thank You, Cornelius Cardew   6. Brother, I Am Walking...
2. A Hell Of A Kid   7. Alan Lake
3. You Have The City   8. Plain Boyish
4. Habit   9. The Sailor And You
5. I Don't Mind   10. The Sea And The Sun
  11. The Music Lovers' Guide For Young People