Thomas Nola Et Son Orchestre / Doctor, The - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Album: Doctor, The - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack   Collection:Soundtrack
Artist:Thomas Nola Et Son Orchestre   Added:Nov 2006

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Drawn & Quartered
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-01-15
Interesting array of disjointed 30’s jazz, spoken word (courtesy of Death In June’s Douglas P. and someone named Jerry Adams)

(((1))) Drunken New Orleans jazz with a hint of modern beats.
((((2)))) Douglas P. speaks of a village.
(((3))) Minimal, weird spacey ethereal bits and lightly strummed guitar
((((4)))) Nice cinematic jazz/indie mix.
((((5)))) Percussive and dramatic
(((6))) Sad cello, slow moving and random drony creeping.
(((((7))))) More tales from Mr. P. (Douglas that is), and a dark carousel organ
(((8))) Multi-tracked voice of and more slow-mo “evil carousel” and uh…”jazz-industrial”?
((((9)))) Nice & moody guitar twang with harmonica.
((((10)))) Slow quiet but midly broodling ambience and more words from Douglas P.
((((11)))) Sparse, minimal “doo-too-too” creepiness.
((((12)))) Silly but simple Douglas P. speaking a short paragraph in a funny voice.
((((13)))) Drums, and some words about neck wounds & doctors.
(((((14)))) Jazzy madness ‘ala Angelo Balamedentii.
(((15))) Neat Indian percussion with soundtrack-y moods.
((((16)))) Creepy spoken word (Why does this guy sound like Boyd Rice but actually isn’t?!?)
(((17))) Clicky ambience & random guitar strings with psychotic children whispering.
(((18))) More ambient moods and Doug P. talking.
((19)) Random hazy & guitar fuzz.
(((20))) Olde tymey “strip club jazz” loop & a bit more narration from Mr. P.
(((21))) Guitar twang & sparse beats.
(((22))) More narration & whoosing ambience
(((23))) Dramatic piano like someone walking fast through a hallway or looking for clues where they should be.
(((24))) Narration and character voices with slow cyclical dark waltz tempo.
((((25)))) Slow, druggy voice light ambience.
(((26)))) Slow churning bubbly sounds and bits of acoustic guitar chords.
((((27)))) High pitched male voice, ghostly feeling.
(((28)))) Spring, boxy, percussion more moaning voices.
((((29))) More dramatic narrartion from Doug P., a bit of strummed guitar & detuned strings.
(((((30))))) Disjointed “jazz orchestra on absinthne” feeling. Nice & weiiiiird!
(((31))) Tweaked out harpsichord notes and Douglas P.
(((32))) Guitar twang & repetitive piano chords

Track Listing
1. Drawn & Quartered   17. The Constables
2. A Time And Place   18. Noticing The Outside Areas
3. You're Coming With Us   19. Bloody Mouths
4. Miss Marilla Huxley   20. Sugar Bear & Dandy Lion
5. At The Stormy Beach   21. Ghoulish Reflections
6. The Steppes To The North   22. The Doctor Lay In Silence
7. Flowers In The Stomach... Charcoal On The Back   23. Les Pierrots
8. Suck A Lemon   24. The Carriage
9. Enter The Griffin   25. Dearest One...
10. They Sat Quietly...   26. Calling Master Barbary
11. Opening Waltz   27. The Doctor Looked Out...
12. He Thought Of The Creeping Things   28. Here? Here? Here?
13. Here The Doctor Stood For Hours...   29. The Procedure
14. Indian Machinery   30. About Towne
15. In The Punjab   31. Under The Pomegranate Tree
16. Hello Again, My Dearest   32. Farewell Theme