Drastics, The / Chicago Massive
Album: Chicago Massive   Collection:Reggae
Artist:Drastics, The   Added:Nov 2006
Label:Jump Up! Records  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2006-11-08
Drastics, The – Chicago Massive (Jump Up!)
Reviewed by Sadie O., 11/8/06
Roots rock reggae dub with lots of jazz overtones. Disk 1 (with a big I on it) is instrumentals, Disk 2 (with the big V) has a variety of guest vocalists. Band is known for playing in dub, rather than creating dub in production. Should appeal to a range of musical tastes.
No FCCs. Best cuts: 4, 7, 12, and 15 on CD 1; 4, 6, and 12 on CD 2
CD 1:
1. 3:50 ***starts with 13 seconds of echo-laden talking, then rather slow skank in dub with bits of melodica and random sounds.
2. 4:42 ***chimes and midtempo dub skank with pretty horns, jazzy sax solo.
3. 4:51 **longish intro, unusual beat, at once a bit downtempo but with uptempo secondary sycopation. Not roots rock reggae dub.
4. 4:00 ****a bit uptempo, very bouncy bubble with cheesy organ - fun
5. 5:34 ***long intro, very slow skank with lots of echo, jazzy sax. Kinda trance-y but way cool.
6. 4:38 **another interesting combination of rhythms, lots of jazzy horn elements. Goes all free-form in the middle, comes back to groove. Ends with several seconds of Jamaican talking with echo, no music.
7. 3:52 **** midtempo skanky dub with melodica – classic sound. Long fade.
8. 4:18 *** midtempo swingy bubble, jazzy horns/flute and guitar solo.
9. 5:06 **starts with standup bass solo, then dubby effects, slow nyahbinghi beat comes in slowly well after a minute along. Lots of jazzy sax.
10. 1:23 **trap drum and keyboard skank, midtempo and steady.
11. 4:00 ***downtempo rootsy dub with melodica, easy on the ears.
12. 4:18 ****almost spooky intro, midtempo bouncy bubble
13. 3:31 *smooth jazz in dub. Nice acoustic bass, mellow vibe.
14. 1:18 ***random intro with downtempo bass groove, harmonica. Too damn short!
15. 5:09 *****middle-eastern-influenced midtempo skank with lots of sax solo.
CD 2:
1. 3:20 ***midtempo bouncy bubble with fun dancehall toasting, “conscious” lyrics.
2. 3:50 *starts with bit of toasting, then slowish dub with melodica, rather offkey dancehall singing/rapping.
3. 4:44 **very echo-y intro, uptempo gallop with tenor dancehall vocals and rather generic sounding rap.
4. 4:39 ****uptempo bubble, nice toasting by Dr. Ring Ding. Ends slightly short.
5. 4:45 **low-key intro, sweet midtempo bubble. Doo-wop vocals, cute.
6. 3:51 *****midtempo skank with powerful dancehall singing, political lyrics, toasting.
7. 4:39 ***upbeat dancehall wiggle, fun dance toast.
8. 3:45 ***downtempo nyahbinghi shuffle with jazzy female vocals, Marvin Gaye cover. Interesting.
9. 3:51 *downtempo skank with melodica, cover of minor 60’s hit.
10. 3:52 ***random scary noises intro, amusing almost monster movie toast, slow and random ultra-dub.
11. 4:04 **midtempo heavy skank, nice but rather tonedeaf toasting. Bit of a false ending and restart in the last minute.
12. 3:56 ****long intro, downtempo skank with totally nutted vocals. No, I do mean TOTALLY nutted vocals. Yay!

Track Listing
1. Fidelity Dub   14. Rollin' On
2. Urban's Fight   15. Al Q'runka
3. Yureru   16. Nice (W/ John The Baptist)
4. Satet Rock   17. Fidelity (W/ Mario Valentine)
5. Anqet   18. Slip Away (W/ Fada Dougou And Low Key)
6. 10(2)K(6)   19. Satet Version (W/ Dr. Ring Ding)
7. Najib Najib   20. Good Timin' (W/ Corey Dixon)
8. Chicago Crazy Roll   21. Ransom The Senator (W/ Zulu)
9. Dark Premonition   22. Dancefloor (W/ Mario Valentine)
10. Ghetto Drastic   23. Nyabhinghi Blues (W/ Dayna Lynn)
11. The Vacillator   24. Tell Me Goodbye (W/ Todd Hembrook)
12. The Alarm   25. Musical Shark Attack (W/ King Django)
13. Ataraxia   26. Adjust Jah Works (W/ Jah Scoob)
  27. Me A Rasta (W/ Ghanaboy)