Dead Science, The / Crepuscule With The Dead Science
Album: Crepuscule With The Dead Science   Collection:Deaccessioned
Artist:Dead Science, The   Added:Oct 2006
Label:Slender Means Society  

Album Review
David McWade
Reviewed 2011-06-18
Dead Science have been described as 'goth without the makeup.' That doesn't really tell the whole story because their noir-ish arty meanderings (with vocals to die for) border on the experimental and occasionally jazz, and it doesn't hurt that musically these Seattle musicians are fucking geniuses. They have four releases as of this record, only two full-length but the EPs (of this is one) are so remarkable they are like full-lengths themselves. This release is even more ponderous, languid, understated and less structured rock than previous releases. It is considerably better than the (relatively speaking) disappointing and unfocused Frost Giant, their last release. The word to use is 'substantial' -- climaxing quite gratifyingly on the final track 'All Ye Whom Love of Fortune', and frankly we needed all 6+ minutes of it -- it sends chills down my spine.

Rec: 5,1,4,2

1 Dark and pensive, voice and base guitar, very spare, long and satisfyingly breaks out with drums, strings and at least one higher guitar at the end. Why would they call a song Child/Actress? But the title fits very well with the image they're projecting, in any case
2 Noirish and somewhat more jazzy, this is a short song, really a fragment for a dinner party among any goths or others with good taste (I know, there are few. Just kidding!). Breaks out really powerfully at the end.
3 Falsetto voice, with weird screeching in the second half, this again feels something like a rehearsal
4 This is really involved, more complete and very emotional and powerful, in that twisted way that The Dead Science do so well -- it is quite long and takes time to develop.
5 Piano and voice only, dark, the melody/tone, such as it is, quite queerly makes me think of a Barry Manilow song from about 1977 (capturing the mood that this 7-year old experienced, without the pretense, as it were, that we see so many years later from our indie vantage point)

Track Listing
1. Child Actress   3. Ps The Past
2. Displacer Beast   4. White Stain
  5. All Ye Whom Love Of Fortune