Unleashed / Midvinterblot
Album: Midvinterblot   Collection:General
Artist:Unleashed   Added:Oct 2006
Label:Spv Gmbh  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-11-01
Viking Death Metal from Sweden. These guys have been around since ’91 and keep charging forth with tons of ultra-heavy riffs and Johnny Helund’s killer vocal attack. One of the best features of this band is their ability to play death metal with rough but (usually) understandable vocals.

((((((1))))) Firey and blasting death/thrash with the ever-present thickness. Plus an “Oüh!”
((((((2)))))) More thrashin’ mayhem with a huge riff and a forceful and catchy chorus.
(((((3))))) Infectous melodic death metal with nods towards 80’s thrash.
((((((4)))))) Lotta headbangin’ “jud-jud-jud” played through 90 Marshals. A metalized Viking drinking song that hails the gods of Valhala. Hell ya!!! (“Mead-vin-ter-bloot”)
(((((5))))) Rentless thrashin’ and comic book like triumpherant feeling in the vocals. Catchy & super fun sounding. “Nooo…No Compromise!”
((((((6)))))) Total Swedish Death Metal massascre! By the gods – they never run out of ass-kicking riffs!
((((7)))) Tight, melodic mid-tempo to very thunderous and fast in the chorus.
(((((8))))) Great guitar & drum interplay. Nice use of “maximum minimalism” the fast & mid-tempo parts are clear & focused.
(((((9))))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Imagine the fastest d-beat hardcore some of the most vicious Swede DM circa: 1990-92 & you’ll have this.
(((10))) Slow & thick, tuned waaay low and dipping a bit into “meh” territory like the slower Slayer songs.
((((((11)))))) Now it’s time to….fuckin’ thrash! Simple 9-10 note riffs that get better the more you hear it and awesome vocals.
(((((12))))) Dense layers of distortion, on the march feeling with “shout outs” to all the previous album titles. Clichéd? Maybe. Headbangin’ & drinkin’ horn hoistin’ awesome? Hell yeah!
(((((13))))) Aggressive, speed/death with “posi” (?!) lyrics.
(((((14))))) Deep & heavy as a ton of bricks, kinda fast but always hammering. All about keeping your pride (not “white pride” - Unleashed pisses all over that).
(((((15))))) Slow to middling groove with consistency in Heavy and Metal which too many bands forget these days.

Track Listing
1. Blood Of Lies   8. Salvation For Mankind
2. This Is Our World Now   9. Psycho Killer
3. We Must Join With Him   10. The Witch
4. Midvinterblot   11. I Have Sworn Allegiance
5. In Victory Or Defeat   12. Age Of The Warrior
6. Triumph Or Genocide   13. New Dawn Rising
7. The Avenger   14. Loyalty And Pride
  15. Valhalla Awaits