Legendary Pink Dots, The / Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves
Album: Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves   Collection:General
Artist:Legendary Pink Dots, The   Added:Oct 2006

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Album Review
Reviewed 2006-11-27
British (originally) Psych doom'n'gloom Rock. A great 25th anniversary album for an innovative fringe, yet musically influential, band, itself influenced by the likes of Syd Barrett. "Sound collages that melt into surprisingly catchy paisley-clad melodies" and lyrics that are between the socially-oriented to the disturbed, sung half-spoken with the gravelly voice of Edward Ka-Spel. Slow to mid-tempo. It's hard to pick favorites, all songs are good. No FCCs.

*1/1:46. Intro. School yard noises + naïve piano + spacey undertones for some weirdness, and a shrink asking if they can tell him about their nightmares.
2/6:55. Slow pounding industrial opening to a dark hymn-like song, which further melts into a psychedelic Pink Floydish chaos.
*3/6:56. A beautiful slow, gloomy piano accompanying a half-spoken song. Gentle electronica appears toward the end.
4/5:12. Here comes the paisley! Mid-tempo. A Donovan-like, but dark, song. One minute from the end, keyboards enter with a nice spooky solo.
5/6:36. Mid-tempo, rhythmic, industrial backbone to a creepy song with mid-eastern undertones. Ends with some psychedelics.
6/5:27. Chimes, acoustic guitar, singing and sax.
7/5:14. Rain stick pastoral opening to a melancholic acoustic-guitar-accompanied song. Becomes reverberatingly trippier toward the end.
8/7:52. A spooky opening to a monotonous depressive, yet peaceful, song.
*9/7:46. Mid tempo, monotonous song, but more Rockish. Guitars and drum. Becomes typical psychedelic Rock toward the end.
*10/6:44. A Jazzy moody sax piece with weather effects, that goes through a siren to become sort-of romantic electronic, and leads (2min from end) to someone discussing his mood swings. 11/2:24. Synth work leading to a spooky dreamy piano, as in track 1.

Track Listing
1. Count On Me   6. Peace Of Mind
2. No Matter What You Do   7. The Island Of Our Dreams
3. Stigmata (Part 4)   8. Bad Hair
4. Feathers At Dawn   9. The Made Man's Manifesto
5. Please Don't Get Me Wrong   10. A Silver Thread
  11. Your Number Is Up