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Artist:Robot Ate Me, The   Added:Oct 2006

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1. Jan 12, 2007: 87ish-07ish
Bloody Knife #3
2. Dec 30, 2006: Carrots & Sticks... But Mostly Sticks
Bloody Knife #3, Bloody Knife #2, Bloody Knife #1

Album Review
Chauncy Sunderland
Reviewed 2006-12-23

D.I.Y. frail art-pop. Vox, clarinet, old piano, synth, drum machine, chimes, and trash can percussion. Fragile, whimsical, and slightly out-of-tune feeling throughout. Voice is high pitched, effeminate and slightly annoying; it is mic-ed so you can hear every consonant. Mostly midtempo to slow. Think Daniel Johnston in its DIYness and personal fantastical storytelling. Sometimes I feel the "clever & cute" ideas are there, but the musical instinct isn't. Still has some moments though. FCC clean. Picks 4,12,5,7,2,8,2nd half of 13,10

1-(:43) Delicate strummed guitar. Frail vox melody. Low clarinet harmonies.
*2-(1:34) Instr. Banging drum. Unnerving clarinet whines. Develops into a beat.
3-(1:07) Drum machine. Quirky. Fairly sparse and uncomfortable mix of dm and clarinet.
**4-(1:13) Quiet start, chimes. Dubbed harmonies. Chantlike. wood block perc., becomes loud. clar. honks.
*5-(1:09) An old piano playing simpl. Vox harmonies
with acc. clarinet. A bit eerie.
6-(0:51) Drum machine. Chimes. Vox.
*7-(1:07) three-part harmony. Childlike waltz with drum machine, clarinet and chimes. Delicate and pleasant.
*8-(0:33) Instr. sustained clarinet chords.
9-(1:28) sparse. nursery rhyme lyrics.
*10-(1:41) Waltz. prominent drum machine. delicately joyous melody. clarinet chords and melody. slightly darker. descending chimes line. last 17 sec. fades repetitively out
11-(0:49) synth and clarinet sustained clusters. 10 sec. of huffed lyrics and DM, then return to synth and clarinet. Almost a continuation of 10.
**12-(1:23) Old piano struts simple chord. Drum machine and synth make catchy dance beat. Interrupted by a made-up child's counting song.
*13-(2:41) midtempo drum machine. vox spoken/sung.
unnerving clarinets wail in background. second half is plodding banging on trash can beat with low clarinet.
14-(0:36) Lugubrious clarinet cluster chords. Synth also? Last 5 sec. silence.
*15-(2:01) vox up front. faint old piano in background. beautiful synth wash/rumble that grows and fades. Very quiet except vox throughout.
16-(1:40) Old piano. midtempo. vox. last 30 sec. very quiet synth.
*17-(0:49) Drum machine. Upbeat. Poppy harmonies.

Track Listing
1. The Hunter #1   9. A Pillow
2. The Hunter #2   10. Bloody Knife #1
3. Djien   11. Bloody Knife #2
4. Stone Giants   12. Bloody Knife #3
5. Sin Like Holy Men   13. Celebration Time
6. She Owl #1   14. Good World #1
7. She Owl #2   15. Good World #2
8. She Owl #3   16. Warrior #1
  17. Warrior #2