Wrecking Crew / 1987-1991
Album: 1987-1991   Collection:General
Artist:Wrecking Crew   Added:Oct 2006
Label:Bridge Nine  

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Why Must They?
4. Oct 26, 2006: Cognitive Overload
What Do You Mean?
2. Nov 12, 2015: What was scene?
My Mind's Diseased (B.O.S), Confused, Always Talk
5. Oct 25, 2006: Baptism of Solitude
Ignorance Obeyed
3. Nov 01, 2006: Baptism of Solitude
Old Enough (Live On Wers)
6. Oct 18, 2006: Baptism of Solitude
Ignorance Obeyed

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
Discography of old-school Boston-area hardcore/metal crossover band. Pretty crucial stuff for it’s time. Soundwise pretty close to (old) Agnostic Front, Adolescents and Crucifix.

(((((2)))) Rippin’ and to the point late 80’s HC.
((((3)))) Thick, gang chorus filled and kinda metal guitars.
((((5)))) Soaring guitars, ugly but right on the attack vocals.
((((((7)))))) Fierce & fast East Coast H.C.
((((8)))) Catchy riffs galore one of the original “stabbed in the back” tunes.
((((9)))) Lo-fi, charged rawkin’ & speedy ‘ala Agnostic Front.
((((10)))) Rough & thick guitars with some good breakdowns.
((((11)))) Snarlin’, punky with some rad vox.
((((12)))) Galloppy, tempo, catchy and chargin’
((((13)))) Metallic, marsh riff into total crossover feel.
((((14)))) Tight & tough with a solid mix of guitar/bass/drums.
(((15))) Kinda generic thrash but still decent.
((((16)))) (FCC “Fucking” sung once) early Metallica-like riffs (“Seek and Destroy”) mixed with finger-point
((((17)))) Real basic “I live by my rules” HC. Great guitar sound.
((((18)))) DRI mixed with Black Flag?
((((((19)))))) Urgent, to the point ‘ala ‘the Flag and Agonstic Front.
((((20)))) Charging, raw, ripping.
((((21)))) Very catchy riff with good breakdown.
(((22))) Hard rock riff not too different than earlier tracks.
((((23)))) Meandering but nice to hear ‘em slow down.
(((((24))))) More hard rockin’ riff then full-on NYHC er…Boston HC!
(((((25)))) Thick riffs, nice distant vox. Straight-Edge anthem vibe.
((((26)))) Pretty solid version of #21

Track Listing
1. Judgment   14. 1000 Yard Stare
2. Balance Fo Terror   15. Passing Time
3. Troubled Youth   16. Why Must They?
4. Guts And Glory   17. Intro/Right Or Wrong (Live On Wers)
5. Nothing For Me   18. Nothing For Me (Live On Wers)
6. Tied Down (Negative Approach)   19. Straight Through (Live On Wers)
7. What Do You Mean?   20. Old Enough (Live On Wers)
8. Always Talk   21. What Can I Do (Live On Wers)
9. Confused   22. Too Late (Live On Wers)
10. My Mind's Diseased (B.O.S)   23. Troubled Youth (Live On Wers)
11. Life Ends   24. In Your Head (Live On Wers)
12. Ignorance Obeyed   25. Straight Through (Live At Cbgb)
13. Blank Mind   26. What Can I Do? (Live At Cbgb)