Left, The / Jesus Loves The Left
Album: Jesus Loves The Left   Collection:General
Artist:Left, The   Added:Oct 2006
Label:Bona Fide  

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Columbus Day
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4. Jan 09, 2007: the Scientific Method Applied to Radio
5 Am

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-01-15
Really good 80’s punk from Hagerstown, Maryland. Does a great job of mixing 60’s twang, 70’s punk attitude and sometimes 80’s hardcore speed. Tough sounding. Comparable to Iggy fronting the Wipers.

((((2))) (FCCs “fucking” sung once)
((((3)))) Awesome, fast & twangy rockin’
(FCCs “bullshit” sung once)
((((4)))) TOO MANY FCCs – SKIP IT!
((((6)))) Twangy, very midwestern sound and all the way rockin’.
((((7)))) Fast and pretty much hardcore ‘ala MDC.
((((8)))) Dirty sounding r n’ r fused punk rawk.
(((((9))))) Surfy/spy movie twang with a paranoid and sarcastic (?) lyrical tone.
(((((10))) More twangy, (FCC “shit” sung once)
(((((11))))) Ace cover of the Stooges classic so obviously “stooge-y” you’d think it was an outtake from Ann Arbor in ’71.
(((((12))))) Sharp guitar tone and plenty of attitude (FCC “fucking” and “fuck” each sung once)
(((((13))))) TOO MANY FCCs – AVOID!
((((14)))) More Iggy worship. NOT FCC FRIENDLY play after 10pm!
((((15)))) (FCC “fuck”, sung once, “fucking” sung twice) Plays the riff of “Sweet Home Alabama” then goes total punk rock bad-assery.
((((16))) TOO MANY FCCs- AVOID!
((((17)))) Straight up punkish, Iggy-ifed hard rock. So much Iggy he even sings “looking for a real cool time”
(((18)) Basic 80’s um…”rock” like (Paul Collins) Beat or the Plimsouls. Not bad but sorta “there” and “dated”.
(((19))) Anti-Columbus rocker. Works better lyrically than musically as it’s a little too “Springsteen”-ish to really 'rock'.
(((((20)))) Nicely fused big guitar work out with yet more Iggy/John Doe-ish vocals and some cool backing choruses.

Track Listing
1. Hell   11. Tv Eye
2. Youngster On The Force   12. Teenage Suicide
3. Stop   13. My Shows
4. R.I.P.   14. Aids Alley
5. Fuck It   15. Redneck 7-11
6. Attitudes   16. You're So
7. Frontline   17. State Of Mind
8. 5 Am   18. Justice
9. The Viet Cong Live Next Door   19. Columbus Day
10. Labels   20. A Perfect World