Knights Of The New Crusade, The / A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom

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Cowards Of Christendom
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What Part Of 'thou Shalt Not Kill' Dont You Understand?
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Cowards Of Christendom

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-09-26
Bad assed ripping garage rock, a supergroup of people from the notorious local garage scene of ten or so years ago, bands like the Mummies, Spastics, Radio-X stuff. But in case you aren’t in the know: they are a Christian Rock band. Wait, no, they are spoofing X-tian rock bands. Wait, no, what they are doing is they are one-upping them by being more Christian than even they are: instead of touting bullshit fundie bible’isms these guys actually sing about pacifism and tolerance and non-violence. While admittedly I doubt any of these guys go to church on Sundays, if they did I’d go to the same one. They’ve even managed to infiltrate the Christian Rock sect, playing (and getting kicked off of) bills and venues. This is the followup to their first incredible release and they plumb the rivalries and dissing they got from the “serious” Christian rock bands out there. Great stuff, the singer Mike is way too smart for his own good. A work of pure genius.

1) “praise jesus!”, driving garage w/ psyche bluesy licks, lyrics/spoken about Christian rock bands giving them shit, hypocrisy
2) “I got good news” hard driving rockin
3) skit, in the persona of christian money grubbers dissing the knights
4) surfy, swingy
5) a bible reading intro to spoofing the whole Bingo/church thing
6) another silly skit, satan confronts a hipster
7) “lipstick lesbian” in chorus, upbeat rockin, great!, with nice spoken blurb at end
8) blues, bloooz, then upbeat gospel type 12 bar progression
9) hard rockin
10) spoken intro, anti-war, anti killing “what part of thou shall not kill don’t you understand”
11) another anti-“E” song, how god saved a “diseased” druggie, brief, funny
12) creepy organ, about going to Hell, slow psyche blues
13) dear lord he’s speaking in tongues now, or is it Latin? Upbeat crazy shit

Track Listing
1. Cowards Of Christendom   7. Lipstick Lesbian
2. Got Some Gospel For You   8. The Big Man
3. Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Christendom   9. The Son Of God Goes Forth To War
4. When Knights Are Low   10. What Part Of 'thou Shalt Not Kill' Dont You Understand?
5. Father Bingo   11. 'e' Is Still For Evil
6. Temptation Of A Hipster   12. Why Do You Want To Go To Hell?
  13. Knight Beat: Speaking In The Holy Spirit