Code Of Honor / Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984
Album: Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984   Collection:General
Artist:Code Of Honor   Added:Sep 2006

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Code Of Honor
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I Killed The Dove
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I Killed The Dove
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-09-18
Retrospective of SF hardcore band, 1982-84. Elements of so-cal Adolescents/Social D. styled rockin’ punk, but also “atypical” songs that venture into boring cock rock, attempting to be creative. Idealistic, if not quintessential 1982 naive cliché “intelligent” punk in-your-face lyrics (fuck war!). A pretty good archival document of a band that toured a lot, made a lot of bills. Earlier tracks are rougher, rawer, more hardcore. Later tracks are a good example of how many bands in that era went out of their way to “evolve” out of the “hardcore sound”, so afraid they were of being labeled “generic”, that they seemingly sacrificed whatever spunk and soul they had and ended up just sounding embarrassingly lame. Member of the band, Michael D. Fox, ran Subterranean Records, one of the best (local) record labels to have ever existed.

FCC: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12,

2) starts slow ballady, goes fast then mid, then “rockin”, political lyrics
3) heavy hardcore feel, melodic vocals
5) upbeat 2/4 hardcore
9) rockin feel
11) rumbling noise with spoken poem, mercifully brief
13) unlikely piano intro, 2/4 fast slow shift
14) upbeat rockin LA style
15) unlikely ballady lyrics, swingy bluesy non-hardcore feel
16) more atypical rock, changes
17) slight cowpunk feel
18) punky, watered down a bit
19) slower, almost butt-rock feel, oh dear lord this is like bad sammy hagar, complete with wanker bass
20) chorus pedaled bass, slight echoey dub feel
21) upbeat punky, good
22) chorused bass and guitar, starts like the Cure, really gross vocals, “epic”, is this a joke or just what SF does to bands?
23) oh boy, this is getting embarrassing
24) wow, bad cock rock sound
25) fancy studio effects of the day make this hiliraious, though I doubt that was the intent

Track Listing
1. What Are We Gonna Do?   13. Beware The Savage Jaw
2. What Price Would You Pay?   14. I Killed The Dove
3. What's It Gonna Be?   15. Downtown
4. Code Of Honor   16. Education
5. Fight Or Die   17. The Ballad Of One-Eyed Jack And The Backhand Kid
6. Attmpted Control   18. Too Much For One Man
7. People's Revolution   19. Not If I Can Help It
8. Death To You   20. House Of Others
9. Stolen Faith   21. Don't Tell Me
10. Be Fighting Still   22. Waiting Always
11. Poem   23. No Room To Cry
12. And We Fight   24. This Day
  25. Beward The Savage Jaw (Reprise)