Scott, Norm / Play: A New Musical By Norm Scott, The
Album: Play: A New Musical By Norm Scott, The   Collection:Novelty
Artist:Scott, Norm   Added:Aug 2006
Label:Acidsoxx Musicks  

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Album Review
Kremit The Horn
Reviewed 2007-01-14
A bizarre musical satire on suburban life and the nuclear family. The catch: the singing is done in very demented vibrato filled chipmunk/southpark voices. The music is...well, intentionally bad, cheesy, synth, drum machine showtune crap. Picks 10,14,6,7,9,1,8

*1-(3:30) Slow walking, pleasant organ filled overture.
2-(1:22) Fast. About dad's mustache. FCC "motherfuckin"
3-(2:39) 50 sec. intro. Bad sex funk.
4-(2:29) 50 sec. intro. Kids don't want to go to the shrink, but daddy thinks they should.
5-(1:43) Very stereotypical bad musical. "I'm on ritalin now"
**6-(1:33) Weird visit by Roshetti, their african-american mailman who crashes in on rocket and delivers the stock report. Last 35 sec. are singing.
**7-(1:32) Bizarre. Just weird.
*8-(3:47) About marijuana. Lame, lame, tropical beat. Dad smokes her daughter out while telling her about his green past. FCC "fucking", "shit".
*9-(1:26) "Lets go see the magic calculator". Trippy. Slow robot dance beat. The calculator tells her to sell pot to her friends.
**10-(2:57) Inspired, slow, dragging blues. Success, fame, and manliness can be found in football. Brilliant.
*11-(2:17) Long spoken intro. Showtune. Consumerism deadens the pain/pointlessness of life.
12-(2:23) Slow, slow, sleepy, painful showtune.
13-(2:33) The mom and dad die in a car crash. Fairly upbeat ragtime showtune about being dead. FCC "shit".
**14-(0:59) Harmony. Just repeating "We are nameless assholes" (FCC). Then they sing it in spanish to a waltz!
15-(1:16) Slow, rock ballad.
16-(0:57) Upbeat showtune. Title says it all. FCC "motherfucker".
17-(1:33) Lazy, Beach Boy harpsichord strut. whistling. Not bad.
18-(1:33) Not in the chipmunk voice. Hand clap and foot stomp beat. FCC "shit", "ass", "motherfucker".
19-(1:05) Loopy. "Princess the Magical Rainbow Dog". Halfway, lighthearted glitchy 8-bity beat.
20-(0:09) Child straight reading "This tape was brought to you by...".

Track Listing
1. Overture (The Ensemble)   10. Football (Dad And The Baby)
2. I Have A Mustache (Dad And The Kids)   11. Everything's A Satire (Mom And Dad)
3. Doin' The Nasty (Mom And Dad)   12. Sunday Drive (Dad)
4. Bender-Gestalt (Dad And Billy)   13. When You Die, You're Dead (Mom, Dad, And Dennis)
5. I'm On Ritalin Now (Billy)   14. We Are Nameless Assholes (The Nameless Assholes)
6. Stock Report (Dad, Rochetti, And The Kids)   15. Anyone But Me
7. National Guard (Dad And Grasshopper)   16. Osama Bin Laden Has A Really Big Beard
8. Smoke (Dad And Susie)   17. So Boring
9. Magic Calculator (Dad, Susie, And The Magic Calculator)   18. I Like To Work
  19. Princess The Magical Rainbow Dog