Paper Chase, The / Now You Are One Of Us
Album: Now You Are One Of Us   Collection:General
Artist:Paper Chase, The   Added:Aug 2006
Label:Kill Rock Stars  

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Album Review
Manx Craptaticus
Reviewed 2006-10-01
Dramatic/Theatric/musical rock with a dark, rotting, suburban horror message. Sonically,
it is secretly hip-hop inspired rock with slow-mid discordant beats with out of tune piano, strings, guitar stabs, and half spoken delivery. Hint of Fiery Furnaces.
They turn up the volume and melody on the hooks tho with vox distorted in the Live 105 way that has
been all the rage past coupla years. FCC 3,9. Picks 2,5,11.

1-(0:51) horror soundtrack. Desparate, manic voice.
***2-(4:22) catchiest. piano horror loop. 35 sec. lead in. slow-mid steady stomp. tin hat trio loop? epic hook. overly dramatic. last 20 sec. are looped.
3-(5:00 slow-mid skeletal proggy, herky-jerky, rock hip-hop. FCC "assholes"
4-(5:52) sluggish rock hop with ghosty vocal loop. nearly spoken. hook is more melodic. ends with ghosty voice loops.
**5-(4:15) melodic poppy. brisk beat. cello sets beat. almost belongs in a musical. Heavy string element. last 30 sec. instr. dies out.
*6-(1:02) spooky child speaking about supernatural with pitch bended keyboards.
*7-(5:41) 22 sec. piano interlude. more mid tempo rock-hop. jagged guitar. aggressive desp. hook. ends weak.
8-(1:26) starts out like 1. but has more percussion to move it along. voice talking about paranormal experience. lead into 9.
9-(3:06) midtempo. fast piano boogie-woogie rock. abrasive guitar solo. FCC "fuck"
10-(1:51) quiet and slow. discordant piano slow arpeggios. sung vox.
**11-(4:05) "we're horrified looped". slow beat. prominent bass. hook that is 1/2 step away from catchiness. Ends suddenly/continues on to 12?
12-(1:36) continuation of 11. repetitive. ends and bleeds into 13.
13-(4:02) different. ballady. lo-fi vocals with piano. starts quiet and builds with timpani and distorted vox. -1:30 drums enter. ends quiet.
14-(2:38) more panicking voice. with horror piano. steady instr. crescendo to the end with synth sounds.
15-(5:06) vocal loop start. slow-mid. snaky guitar stabs. rock-hop. angry sound.

Track Listing
1. It's Out There And It's Gonna Get You   8. What's So Amazing About Grace
2. We Know Where You Sleep   9. You're One Of Them Aren't You?
3. The Kids Will Grow Up To Be Assholes   10. The Song Will Eat Itself
4. Wait Until I Get My Hands On You   11. ...And All The Candy You Can Eat
5. You Will Never Take Me Alive   12. All Manner Of Pox Or Canker
6. Delivered In A Firm Unyielding Way Lingering For Just A Bit Too Long To Communic   13. At The Other End Of The Leash
7. The Most Important Part Of Your Body   14. We Will Make You One Of Us
  15. The House Is Alive And The House Is Hungry