Various Artists / Messthetics Greatest Hits: The Sounds Of D.I.Y. 1977-80
Album: Messthetics Greatest Hits: The Sounds Of D.I.Y. 1977-80   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2006
Label:Hyped 2 Death  

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How It Is
We Love Malcolm
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Scared To Be Alone

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-11-07
Lots of recently unearthed post-punk and a few things that would’ve passed for “punk” during this era (1978-81). Pretty consistent mix of that wide ranging sound that threw together dub, punk, psych, jangle and pop. Yet another in the series of “here’s 21 great obscure as hell but great bands more people should know about”. <b>Essential</b> listening for any fans of this era of underground music.

((((1)))) Jangley but catchy as hell, lo-fi Brit pop.
((((2)))) Sick lyrics & title but strummy, nice uppity proto-indie rock by way early XTC.
(((3))) Minimal beats, a lotta bass & keys. Big 60’s groove, pretty decent.
((((5)))) Disjointed P.I.L.-like “death disco”, lots of echo & strum and confrontational vox.
((6)) Like an annoying version of the Plimsouls “You’re Everywhere That I’m Not”.
(((((7))))) Piano-clanging, fast beats and punky guitar. Awesome!
((((8)))) Poppy but rough guitar punk ‘ala The Wipers or Negative Trend.
(((((9))))) “Sow bloddye Breetish!”, totally raw punk and full of attitude, big beats & guitars.
(((10))) Loosey, repetitive beats and vocal lines but kind interesting broken down sound.
((((11)))) Paranoid vocals, a bit of odd spoken word in the mix, watery bass, clicky beats, very cool sound overall.
((((12)))) Teenage bedroom punk right outta the tenament block. Moody but tight & to the point.
(((((13))))) Simply AMAZING uppity, charged punk ‘ala the Saints, Buzzcocks, etc.
((((((14)))))) Fast-ish, punky, loose Buzzcock-y, with awesome male & female vox. Dr. Furious, red courtesy phone!
(((15))) Glammy, T-Rex worship, fun & silly.
(((((16))))) Like a tweaked out version of Wire’s “I Am The Fly”. Incredible, wild guitar & keyboard mix with sci-fi dementia vocals.
((((17)))) Ridiciously repetitive but fun & infectious “speed pop”.
((18)) Super-lo-fi/no-fi that’s best left as a buried demo or failed experiment.
(((19))) ’66-’68 Mod-pop with cowbell. Pretty nice.
((((20)))) Synth-y, bubbly new wave with lots of warm strummy guitars.
((21)) Silly, drunken pop/rock but sorta amusing & focused on the vocals.
(((22))) Speedy, punky rock with loud vocals.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. O Level We Love Malcolm
2. Scrotum Poles Pick The Cats Eyes Out
3. Reptile Ranch Saying Goodbye
4. Tronics Shark Fucks
5. Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum
6. Mud Hutters All About
7. Rejects Vision Smashed
8. Reacta Sus
9. Six Minute War Giles Hall
10. Puritan Guitars E100 In 15 Minutes
11. Instant Automatons Scared To Be Alone
12. Exhibit A Fame And Fortune
13. Slight Seconds Where Were You
14. Anorexia I'm A Square
15. Steve Treatment Change Of Plan
16. Take It How It Is
17. Thin Yoghurts Girl On The Bus
18. Danny & The Dressmakers Don't Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker
19. Royston Gerald's Eyes
20. Walking Floors No Next Time
21. Digital Dinosaurs The Sideways Man
22. Rejects Technique Street