Various Artists / Zum Audio Volume 3
Album: Zum Audio Volume 3   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2006
Label:Zum Media  

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1. Sep 19, 2007: Day of Difficulty
4. Oct 10, 2006: What's in the Ice Box?
2. Jun 28, 2007: Fiction Romance
Song Of Investment Capital Overseas
5. Oct 05, 2006: At Your Local Dive
3. Oct 17, 2006: What's in the Ice Box?
Keep Away
6. Sep 23, 2006: Bloodstains Across Atherton - Special Guests 16 Bitch Pile Up
Song Of Investment Capital Overseas

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-09-03
Pretty solid collection of weird noise, indie rock, no wave and other new sounds from this local label. Lots of bands from Oakland/S.F.

(((1))) Demented, disturbing shouting and random noise, clashing percussion and sax. Might go better live.
(((2))) Hissing, lo-fi, tunneling noise.
(((3))) Drum laden, off-kilter, no-wave without the consistent rhythmic drive. Kinda annoying vocals that drag.
(((((4))))) Bouncy, twisted distorted vocals, like prog-rock crossed with insane black metal? King Crimson crossed with Leviathan?!? Awesome!
((((5)))) Loud, noise breaks, distorted layers of “skrrrrghghtr”, “hmmmmrrrr” & “eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhasash”.
(((((6))))) Excellent free-jazz, wild heavy improv via post-punk.
(((((7))))) Drum machine and droning cheapo synth ‘ala Suicide or the Screamers. Wonderfully insane.
(((8))) Minimal acoustic guitar noodling, barely awake French vocals & harmonica. Not bad but needs more. Just TG not Throbbing Gristle, btw.
(((9))) Rythmic, sparse noise bits.
((10)) Strummy, indie rock with some nice keyboard bits but the vocals are just “meh”.
((((11)))) Uppity poppy indie with jabs of often loud guitar & bass.
((12)) So-so noise/experimental stuff. Very random and just sorta “there”.
((((13)))) Really pretty solo guitar work ‘ala Roy Montgomery or Richard Bishop
((((14)))) Multi-layered noise kinda melodic but works on many levels.
(((15))) Screwball, experimental videogame-like randomness with funky beat. Severely weird.
(((16))) Bassy, sorta thundering with some poppy male & female vox (both overpowered by the bass).
((((17)))) A big-ass fishtank pump run through a bunch of noise gates & distortion pedals with some semi-melodic female voice droning about. Bizarre.
((18)) Decent guitar strum but repetitive and annoying as hell. NOT “wondera-wonderful”!
((19)) Brokedown, early 90’s indie rock with OK male vox. Kinda there but not bad.
((20)) Chimes, xylophone, tea kettle noise (SUPER annoying!) and some guy talking.
(((21))) Drone mania that gets progressively more interesting and captivating.
(22) Lo-fi, guy with an acoustic guitar barely singing and feels like he’s barely alive.
(((23))) Slow, pretty good indie rock with simple beat, loop effect and decent vox.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Channels 3 And 4 New Freelance Society
2. Beak Full Of Rubies Reading The Leaves
3. Coughs Malibu
4. Child Abuse Blessed From The Bowels
5. Wiese, John Arrhythmia
6. Silver Daggers Keep Away
7. Lakes Song Of Investment Capital Overseas
8. Tg La Nuit Version
9. Huts Camp Along Young Oxen
10. Antifamily Rome Is Not A City
11. Kit Forest
12. Micose And The Mau Maus #Z
13. Udell, Stefan Little Glotchy
14. Axolotl Legs, Shouts
15. Bromp Treb Daughters & Sons Of Perpetual Limp-Riddim
16. We Quit Bones
17. Can't Homesick
18. Deerhoof C (Live 2004)
19. My Little Red Toe Room
20. Dim Diamond Red Flowers Boom
21. Yellow Swans [Untitled]
22. Shoplifting Leaving Your Station
23. Ghost To Falco The End