Municipal Waste / Hazardous Mutation
Album: Hazardous Mutation   Collection:General
Artist:Municipal Waste   Added:Aug 2006

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-09-13
Two words: FUCKING THRASH! Yep total 1986-88 era speed metal/hardcore crossover brought into right now. Hugely remincent of D.R.I. and Nuclear Assault (in the vocals and the riffs. They have a thing for John Carpenter movies, photo collages and the other 80’s “thrashesher” must: Ed Repka album art. Ridicoulous amounts of fun and a MUST see live!
(((((1))))) Killer, chunky riff instru-METAL!
(((((2))))) Tight mid-pace ripper. D.R.I. mixed with uh…(early) Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Excel. NOTE: this is two songs in one “Deathripper/Unleash the Bastards”
((((3)))) Super crazy 80’s thrash mania. Gang vox, an ode to one of the most bad-ass movies ever, “The Thing”.
((((4)))) (FCCs “Fucking” sung twice in first verse) Fast as hell and very much like D.R.I.’s “Karma”
((((((5)))))) Incredibly fun and absurdly fast. All about being wasted on Ketamine.
((((6)))) TOO MANY FCCs-AVOID!
((((((7))))) Blinding fury of riffs & pounding beats. Silly but awesome lyrics about being the “unstoppable force” of the “army of drunks”.
((((((8))))) Gallop riff insanity, awesome drumming….MOSH!
(((((((9))))))) Holy shit! One of the best riffs ever laid down (seriously!). Total “I fucking hate you & wanna kill you now” vibe.
(((((10)))) Stomping, schism of wailing guitars.
Like Tobe Hoober producing a thrash album.
(((((11)))) Short, really fast and loud.
((((((12)))))) Total headbangin’ riffs, arms a flaying, bodies a flyin’. Party thrash supreme!
(((((13)))) Total crossover mania. “Terror Shark” best movie Troma never made. “Helpless in the water-you’re human buffet”.
((((((14))))) Thick riffage, straight up speedsanity. Great title & lyrics “…A lie absurd is called the holy word”.
((((((15))))) Mixing thrash and well…more thrash. By this time you should have a “bangover”

Track Listing
1. Intro   9. Hazardous Mutation
2. Deathripper   10. Nailed Casket
3. Unleash The Bastards   11. Abusement Park
4. The Thing   12. Black Ice
5. Blood Drive   13. Mind Erase
6. Accelerated Vision   14. Terror Shark
7. Guilty Of Being Tight   15. The Thrashin' Of The Christ
8. Set To Destruct   16. Bangover