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Album: Baby Godzilla   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2006
Label:Daly City Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2006-11-20
Simple melodies and bangin basslines. The elements are strong and compelling with just enough variation to keep you interested without being over-stimulated. This is an evolved sound coming from dj’s and producers who take what they love from classic and mainstream hip hop and have pushed the sound through filters and efx… paid tribute to classic electronic elements with solid melodies, and just tweeked the fuck out of all that you love about hip hop, turntablism and live synth rock-pop-ghettoglitch, jazz and offtempo swingin…
No FCC’s… clean… and multigenre eclectic format friendly…

Favorites… all tracks by Mopchipet, Mophono, Daedalus, and Edit but everything is worth playing!

1. Hope Again (Featuring Mikah9 and TaiwanKid) - 4:27 – Mochipet;
This beat had me with the bassline… enter Mikah Nyne’s verses and I was hooked though the lip… This is one of my favorite tracks right now period.. funky with smooth flows and enough synth and spacious elements to keep it an out of the box track.
2. Live Human Break 7 - 3:26 – Mophono:
Mohpho is one of my favorite producers right now and this track is a prime example why… he takes the best elements of what came before and works them inside out with the utmost respect and care. He’s precise yet without being formulaic and this track is a great intro to his style.
3. Crazy Dancing - 3:26 – Daedelus:
Too dope… its like a hard hitting dub lab cocktail party. The dominant melody is too cute… 60’s theme song cute… but the lower elements are phased and modulated over rumbling pops and airy percussion… cyclical and cute…

4. Freakfest - 4:37 - The Spaceheaters:
The sax and flute riffs pull this track on like warm air rising… passing the melody back and forth… with rattling full kit shaking sounds loose on the underside. Smooth and ultra jazzy… but bumpin... nice groove. The electic guitar insert works well too… subtle.
5. Beats Ballet (Featuring Ray Barbee) - 5:48 – Mochipet:
Easy strummy… pretty much layerd guitar lines and some dirty mpc style distorted drums… strings and hand percussion enter later with a nice build up… a smooth soft vibe piece with a slightly gritty edge and meditative break downs… sweet: let it last…
6. Moogporn (Featuring Machine Drum) - 4:45 – Mochipet:
Funky and disjointed with scattered layers and good use of space. Its not about the blend as much as the position and timing… there are starts and stops and clear segments… very much a stream of consciousness styled beat… a little tangential but it holds a groove… excellent for a soundbed / mic break…
7. Lily - 3:47 – Mophono:
This track was made for a dream sequence. It’s got lush low humms and ethereal crooning in the upper register… with that tension building beep synthline… and sound design elements that give me bloodshot eyes… texture and feeling… drums and bass… sounds and synthesis; it’s a mood piece… but a banger!
8. The Perscription - 3:19 – Edit:
Edit flips the cello sample with crunchy grit and really uses it to drive the beat… hard hitting and gradually builds into the classic Edit Crunkmaster sound… fluidity interrupted by fluidity… hold up and move to it… you’ll get it. DnB corrupted…
9. Cockatoo Fluoresence - 3:18 – Eustachian… another nice overload on blips bleeps and horn modulations… the strings give it that elemental flavor and keep it grounded.
10. Dotted Chess - 3:14 – Eustachian… starts out with Japanese vocal sample and some melodic good cheese… then drops in a repetitive yet workable hip hop styled drum pattern with fun in the hat area and space modulation… change ups keep it poppin…
11.Ghostplant (Eustachian's Trustafarian Mixx) - 4:18 - The Spaceheaters…the changeup… starts out more on the fragmented special tip and smooths out into some luscious bass, flute and vocal lines…there is an FCC in one of the samples…1:42 (“I love this Rap shit a little too much”). Good for cross genre mixing…
12. Ghostplant - 2:52 - The Spaceheaters: more lovely winds making for easy digestion on a slow groove. A little saucy interjection courtesy of the lyricist bumps up the intensity. Very nice flow for the abnormal hip hop blend.
13. The Shanghai Shuffle - 4:02 – Mochipet: Minimal intro develops into more of that heavy hitting bass that makes for some of the most dance friendly laptop sets I’ve seen… enter the some soft synth chords and riffs and hand claps and you’ve got a sweet lil beat.
Reminds me of earlier Daedalus tracks.
14. Attention! - 3:25 – Delux: There could be more to this track. Lyrics aren’t that exciting and the melodic developments lack imagination feat.canned samples. FCC’s as well…
15. Ruffles - 3:51 – Edit: Minimal layers but the key rolls and tempo changes create a good mood of movement. A good groove with the classic edit flavored flips… it stutters and sidesteps in all the right places.
16. Magic Rollerskates - 2:15 – Bloodysnowman: This drops you straight into punchin kicks and muted drums… everything is flattened into a limited frequency spectrum to let the synth lines dance on top… simple lines with good use of delay. Kinda retro.
17. Compasso - 2:48 – Mitsakos: On the slower tip with subtle progression and click whir percussion and pillow bass, The syth space into a nice moogy space.
18. Forwards Back (Featuring Ray Barbee) - 4:18 – Mochipet: This track takes me to a very natural place. The guitar sample gives organic flavor while the electronic elements are soft enough to put me in mind of birds chirping with soft vibration. The drums are very subtle yet engergetic.
19. Spring - 3:23 – Bloodysnowman: Muted crashes and dark reverb create depth in a heavey sound combinations almost sinister and not quite industrial but echoes of both are there. Light grunge glitch maybe with a lil shadow “Dark Days” reference in the make up.
20. Biscuit - 3:43 – Delux: this is the cute daft punk’esque funky open space cross genre everything outro track. Great for mixing across elctronic acoustic styles and genres, its organic yet very quantized in feeling. Almost a little too cute for me but it works all the same.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mochipet Hope Again (Featuring Mikah9 And Taiwankid)
2. Mophono Live Human Break 7
3. Daedelus Crazy Dancing
4. Spaceheaters, The Freakfest
5. Mochipet Beats Ballet (Featuring Ray Barbee)
6. Mochipet Moogporn (Featuring Machine Drum)
7. Mophono Lily
8. Edit The Perscription
9. Eustachian Cockatoo Fluoresence
10. Eustachian Dotted Chess
11. Spaceheaters, The Ghostplant (Eustachian's Trustafarian Mixx)
12. Spaceheaters, The Ghostplant
13. Mochipet The Shanghai Shuffle
14. Delux Attention!
15. Edit Ruffles
16. Bloodysnowman Magic Rollerskates
17. Mitsakos Compasso
18. Mochipet Forwards Back (Featuring Ray Barbee)
19. Bloodysnowman Spring
20. Delux Biscuit