Various Artists / Diggy Diggy Dead!
Album: Diggy Diggy Dead!   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2006
Label:Rubble Records  

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1. Mar 14, 2017: Waste FM
Psychotic Reaction
3. Sep 02, 2006: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Psychotic Reaction
2. May 03, 2007: Fiction Romance
It's A Lie And You Like It

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-08-25
Pretty nice collection of punk, country and garage rawk bands from the U.S., Japan, Italy, Sweden and Poland. Some classic bands like the Dicks and some newer ones like the Cupacabra Jr.

(((1))) AVOID! FCCs UP THE WAZOO! (Great song regadless)
2 – FCCs like mad – avoid!
3 – FCCs like crazy yet again – avoid!
((((4)))) Tight, focused, 70’s glam flavored ur-punk. Nice (& clean!)
((5)) Off-kilter meandring noise w/twang & spoken vox.
((((6)))) Wild, maricachi-punk!? Great horn & mandolin sound with jutting rockin’ guitars. (FCC “Shit” sung once)
(((7))) Drunken country-punk, with a swaggering voice that sounds like “too many JD shots”
((((8)))) Severely intoxicated, wobbly country-folk. Absolutely wonderful woozy voice!
((9))) Distortion, noise, fuzz to punk n’ roll. Generic but semi-passable glammy vox. (FCCs “Shit” sung twice)
10) Big dumb hardcore ‘ala current-era Monster Magnet.
(((11))) Pretty good, derivative as hell & straight hard rock ‘ala Danko Jones.
((((12)))) Fast, furious & wailing cover of the Count Five classic.
(((13))) Punk n’ roll, typical, dirty, glam-like but mostly good. Similar to Hanoi Rocks or Toilet Boys.
(14) Cutesy, girly pop punk. How can you be from NYC and sound soooo soft?
(15) Twisted acoustic & electric psych swagger by way of the Stooges. Weird and boring.

((((1)))) Crazed, screamy Japanese garage punk with female vox, sung in Japanese. Great take on the “Batman” theme.
((2)) Generic but decent raw r n’ r with distant, distorted bullhorn voice.
((((3)))) Wild, crawling on the floor “Nuggets” compilation-era rawk.
((4)) Lazy, twangy, ‘ala The Sonics on dramomine.
(((5))) Loose & reverb soaked Japanese rawk shouter, like a “sock hop from hell”.
((((6))))) Twangy, surfy instrumental. Great guitar work. Paging Dr. Furious!
((((7)))) Go-go boot crazy Japanese girl-rock stuck in the way back machine in 1966.
((((8)))) Organ drenched, “spy pop”. Quentin Tarintino would poop himself if he heard this.
((((10)))) Rippin’, raw h.c. with female vox in “Polski”.
((11)) Swedish, ugly garage/punk n’ roll. Stoopid but sorta ok.
(((12)))) Hardcore-ish ‘ala D.O.A. via Texas badassery.
(((13))) Woozy, bassy, Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard with “Jello on downers” vocals.
(14) Melodic, driving but redundant as hell.
(((15))) Speedy & kinda rippipn’ punk n’ roll like the Dwarves.
(((16))) Simple, fast & cynical punk ‘ala Zeke, old Supersuckers. Good guitar sound. (FCC “shit” sung once)
((17)) Echo-y, slightly twangy rock. Nothing terrible but nothing compelling either.
((18)) Swingin’ country-punk with sorta annoying female vox

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Dicks Right Wing White Breed Dead In A Motel Room
2. Pretty Mouth Rich Bastard
3. Vectors Rape The Pope
4. Hotrails, The Do What You Do
5. Naughyde Dream Sequence Toilet Bowl Racing
6. Trouser Trout Songs Of The Doomed
7. Shootin Pains Jesus
8. Dead Brothers, The Pin The Bottle On The Table
9. Dead Sexy Looking Good
10. Chuck Norris Experiment, The Little Demon
11. Max Cady Tonight Alive
12. Dennis Most And The Instigators Psychotic Reaction
13. Rickshaw Island In The Stream
14. Unlovables, The If You Were Here
15. Monkey Buzzness It's A Lie And You Like It
16. Madame Cats Fantani Daraeta Oboewa Naiwayo
17. Deadites, The Little Red Spider
18. Omens, The Heart Full Of Lies
19. Ravens, The Yeah Yeah
20. Goggle-A What A Way To Die
21. Invisible Surfers Too Many Talk
22. Flowermulu Love Circuit
23. Hanari Kyoko & The Snipers Ai-No-Shizuku
24. Reverend Beat-Man And The Un-Believers Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord
25. Slowa We Krwi Uwierz
26. On Parole Butter Me Up!
27. Galactic Inmate Belt Buckle Of Power
28. Insect Sex Act How The West Was Wonderful
29. Weight Zero Wash Up!
30. Chupacabra Jr. Spiders And Snakes
31. Deria Sisters Punkrock Jihad!
32. Dispossessed, The Cornered Smile
33. Punkaroos Bones