Bug Pedals, The / Bug Pedals, The
Album: Bug Pedals, The   Collection:General 7"
Artist:Bug Pedals, The   Added:May 2006

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La De Da
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Back & Forth, Sentuam
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Album Review
Gus the Fat
Reviewed 2006-05-09
THE BUG PEDALS - The Bug Pedals (Wolfman Records #7) (Compulsion Records #1)
(Lowfi Garage/Indie/Punk) 45 rpm

Great little indie group from the SF Bay Area. Straight forward, but holds onto something fun. The singer reminds me a little of Mike Cassidy from Free Beer.


My pick: Sentuam

((((( Sentuam )))))
Mid-tempo pop song. The guitar tones sound a lot like a garage band using crappy gear  Straight forward drum beat, with a pretty cool build up!

((((( La De Da )))))
The heaviest song on the 7 inch. More along the lines of punk with laid back vocals.

((((( Back & Forth )))))
Mid-tempo and structure pretty much matches the title of the song. Pretty repetitive leading to a heavy ending with a cool guitar hook.

Track Listing
1. Sentuam   2. La De Da
  3. Back & Forth