Various Artists / Whiskey Sunday / Snuggle
Album: Whiskey Sunday / Snuggle   Collection:General 7"
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2006
Label:Vinehell Records  

Recent Airplay
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Sometimes You Lose
4. Jun 09, 2006: The Top Shelf Of Vaselines
Jolly Roger
2. Jul 29, 2006: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Jolly Roger
5. Jun 02, 2006: The National Congress Of Vaselines
Heavy Hang The Head
3. Jun 17, 2006: Scatterbrain Radio
Sometimes You Lose
6. May 26, 2006: The National Congress Of Vaselines
Heavy Hang The Head

Album Review
Gus the Fat
Reviewed 2006-05-09
WHISKEY SUNDAY / SNUGGLE - Whiskey Sunday / Snuggle Split 7” (Vinehell Records)
(Punk) 33 rpm

[FCC VIOLATION: Sunday Morning, Heavy Hangs The Head]

Great punk rock band from San Jose. Featuring members of Angry For Life, Clay Wheels, Invisible Enemies, Saturday Saints

((((( Sunday Morning ))))) [FCC VIOLATION “FUCKING”]
Mid-tempo punk song with guitar hook. Brutal whiskey breathe vocals with a great melody. Song about being a total alcoholic. Ahs and Ooos accompany the chorus.

((((( Sometimes You Lose ))))) [NO FCC]
Slow down-tempo song with a string along guitar hook. Eventually moves to mid tempo, with Dover screaming “Sometimes You Lose” Great song for the radio.

Punk band from Seattle WA. Reminds me a lot of Social Distortion… especially with the melodies coming from the guitar hooks and vocals.

((((( Heavy Hang The Head ))))) [FCC VIOLATION “FUCK”]
Mid-tempo downstrokes with a very Social D melody. Fast downstrokes midway through the song, followed up with a vocal breakdown, back to mid-tempo, back to pounding downstrokes to end the song.

((((( Jolly Roger ))))) [NO FCC]
Starts with drums then leads into fast downstrokin’ guitar licks. Vocals up front and in the red. Twangy guitar hooks. Quick guitar breakdown midway and back into the swing of things. The song’s outro is extremely fast-tempo and quickly comes to an end.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Whiskey Sunday Sunday Morning
2. Whiskey Sunday Sometimes You Lose
3. Snuggle Heavy Hang The Head
4. Snuggle Jolly Roger