Man Man / Six Demon Bag
Album: Six Demon Bag   Collection:General
Artist:Man Man   Added:Apr 2006
Label:Ace Fu Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2006-07-04
Hyper-eclectic art pop. Zany, grovelly, at-times-dissonant-and-screechy vocals. Klezmer, circus, saloon sounds. Different instrumentation and style on each track, indeed within each track! Goofy lyrics and catchy ditties, cacophony and dissonance. FCC: 2. Best: 4, 8, 9.

1. Mid-tempo sad waltz, piano + vox.
2. FCC – one fuck. Starts silly, goes into oom-chunk klezmer/circus, weird lyrics.
3. Faster - accordion, percussion, funny western guitar breakdown, wavery vox.
*4. Cacophonous and frenetic, screeched vox. Dissonant, but makes you dance too!
5. Slow, sad, out-of-tune piano, violin, guitar, low male vox.
6. Up-tempo fun - one of the more eclectic tracks and super catchy.
7. Repeats the same ya-da-da/yat-da’s throughout.
*8. Wonky/weird vox, varied instrumentation, off-kilter dissonance and the BEST skronky vox sound in the middle. Great change-up with "moustache" repeated.
*9. More relaxed, downright goofy.
10. A more straight-forward track, a little bluesy and folksy.
11. Lots of changes: down tempo intro to skronky dissonance to rock to squeaky vox to free-er improv, then altogether!
12. 4-second scream/cry + door slam.
13. Swung grovelly vocals, muted trumpet, jazz flute – then switches to shoob-dee-doo section.

Track Listing
1. Feathers   7. Hot Bat
2. Engrish Bwudd   8. Push The Eagles Stomach
3. Banana Ghost   9. Spider Cider
4. Young Einstein On The Beach   10. Van Helsing Boom Box
5. Skin Tension   11. Tunneling Through The Guy
6. Black Mission Goggles   12. Fishstick Gumbo
  13. Ice Dogs