Frankini, Luciano / Best Memory, The
Album: Best Memory, The   Collection:General
Artist:Frankini, Luciano   Added:Apr 2006

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Add Date: 2007-04-01 Pull Date: 2007-06-03 Charts: Electronic
Week Ending: May 13 Apr 15 Apr 8
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Recent Airplay
1. Aug 05, 2007: Multiple Personality Disorder
Mosquite Souls
4. Apr 11, 2007: Sign My Yearbook!
The Nurse Took A Sample Of My Blood
2. May 10, 2007: Cognitive Overload
Draw Near
5. Apr 07, 2007: Disordered Bloodstains
3. Apr 11, 2007: Trip Over Zero
The Boats On The Lake
6. Apr 06, 2007: chapter 65.0: all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2007-02-03
A variety of musical laptop glitch. Minimal, rhythmic, and largely amelodic. Gets in your head, must have been fun to make. Most tracks short, around 2 mins. No words, thus no FCC fuckups.

1. Short intro track, touch-tone phone sounds? a round, church music for robobts
2. brief quiet noises
3. high-pitched bleeps like a skipping disk try patience, then layered beats reward.
+4. A mess of sped up samples and super-fast gabber beat
+5. Pretty "elevator music"- beats sound like puffs of air, lite synths loop atop
6. More energetic than previous track, less chaotic than 4, very repetative/minimal, doesn't develop much
7. Fast. Aggressive first half, synths in middle are fun! Then looping machine noise varies slightly.
+8. Trippy, hard to find the rhythm in this short intermediate track
9. Thumping like house music, disintigrates slightly
+10. Like an early-80's depeche mode b-side
+11. Great steam-era machine room soundscape, ends with quiet bleeps and a little hiss
12. very short track of random bleeps
13. fast loop of cheap synth. Brief pretty section about 30 secs from end.
14. Soundtracky, quiet, not much beat
15. Bell-like loop, super minimal, Reich-like
16. medium-low volume, medium-low tempo, medium-low interesting
+17. Glitch that comes together and transforms
+18. Mid-tempo, a beat you can dance to, interesting sounds including some slow (backwards?) vocal samples. Keeps changing.
19. jittery loop
20. poppy

Track Listing
1. Comet   13. Graffity
2. Indication   14. Insight
3. Barium   15. Sign2
4. Scatter   16. Irregular
5. The Boats On The Lake   17. The Nurse Took A Sample Of My Blood
6. Confusion   18. Reality
7. Mosquite Souls   19. Structure
8. Draw Near   20. Frogs
9. Sustainable   21. Sign3
10. Buoyant   22. Innocence
11. Vanish   23. Guess
12. Sign   24. We Founds Some Gaps In The Records