Northern Liberties / Secret Revolution
Album: Secret Revolution   Collection:General
Artist:Northern Liberties   Added:Apr 2006
Label:Worldeater Records  

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1. Jun 21, 2006: Brownian Motion
Auto Pilot, Beyond Beyond
3. Jun 14, 2006: Down
2. Jun 17, 2006: Biff Bang Pow

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-06-06
Fuzzy bass-drums-vocs music that seems heavy but sounds more like Pavement than say Nirvana or the Melvins, cuz of the doubled up melodic vocals. Very early 90’s dirty indie-rock, reminds me a lot of Charles Brown Superstar or Swirlies or other indie-rock bands that put distortion pedals on the bass and leaned heavily on melody. Good stuff, if you like this definitely check out Charles Brown Superstar. Moments of this could be lumped in with Comets on Fire.

1) simple bass melody, idie rock’ish vocs a la pavement, grungy distorto moments but pop is maintained
2) noise intro followed by big tribal drum onslaught and fuzz-bass
3) cool echo bass line, very pop vocals
4) driving fuzz bass fun
5) tribal intro turns into melodic, midpaced, reflective
6) heavy psyche rock, grunge tone, less melody and more heuvos, echoey vocs set tone
7) reflective indie rock wth acoustic intro and “heavy” later part
8) up-paced driving pogo’ing rock, tribal out-tro
9) feedback intro, good driving rockin
10) spacey feedback/efx intro turns upbeat rock
11) acoustic instruments in intro, same rockin
12) different beat, tribal, devolves into indie rock melodic vocs
13) a bit doomier, darker
14) slow bass arpeggio, heavy waltzy, psyche grungy
15) ignore, 6 seconds
16) quiet space intro to wild spazz psyche rock a la Comets on Fire, goes back to spaciness here and there
17) looped sound collage with beat
18) kinda gothy with chorused bass and slow echoey pace
19) brief acoustic instrumental

Track Listing
1. Midnight Train To The Dogfood Factory   10. Monument
2. Angels With Broken Glass Teeth   11. Love Dove
3. Mold   12. Mainframe
4. Featureless Observer   13. Great Divide(Originally By "Ruin" Check Um Out Www.Ruinsite.Org)
5. Lonely   14. Blood Poisoning
6. Auto Pilot   15. The Bonus Tracks Begin Here
7. Beyond Beyond   16. Uniform - Remixed By Twentyagon
8. Long Distance Shadow   17. Eyes Src Loop - Extraction By Agenta
9. Don't Kill My Sister   18. Monarch - Live At The Continental,Nyc 1.11.2004
  19. Cowboyboots - Extraction By Agenta