Conflict (U.S.) / Live January 18, 1983
Album: Live January 18, 1983   Collection:General
Artist:Conflict (U.S.)   Added:Mar 2006

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-03-12
First generation hardcore punk 1983 from Tucson Arizona, recorded live. Unique in that its fronted by a woman vocalist/songwriter who was Japanese American (many lyrics sung in Japanese). Quality is so-so, but still captures the live feel for a genre that was never meant for the studio. This is a recording made when the band opened for Husker Du, at Tucson’s Backstage.

1) soundcheck
2) upbeat 2/4
3) slow/fast rockin/hardcore, “blank books” about censorship
4) poppy, about sending gifts to troops in Vietnam
5) intro banter with audience, makes reference to Tylenol killings for you historians, song about alcohol
6) chorus sung in Japanese, about Japanese stereotypes, racism “do I walk on backs? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”
7) more poppier stuff, rockin and fun, nice line in “bloodclot faggots youre fighting depression cuz youre insignificant”, FCCs but indecipherable
8) 2/4 hardcore
9) swingier rocking, “give us back our right to choose, give me back my right to die”, about abortion rights
10) 2/4 smoking fast HxCx, chorus in japanese
11) 2/4 upbeat
12) intro to next song, play with next song:
13) cover of Black Sabbath’s “black sabbath”, an ironic cover before there were “ironic covers”
14) smokin’ 2/4, watch FCC at very end in audience banter
15) poppier feel a bit
16) 2/4 smokin
17) more 2/4
18) riffy and different, especially for the time, about “coyotes” killing imigrants
19) smoking fast/slow, about an unsolved brutal murder in Tucson
20) doomy, tribal tom tom beat, kicks into thrash then back again
21) weird use of flanger, with fucked up start, had to do a “take two”

Track Listing
1. Soundcheck   11. Nails
2. The Fall   12. Sabbath Intro
3. Blank Books   13. Black Sabbath
4. Cookies   14. Alcohol And A Knife
5. Poison   15. Piss Squad
6. White Skin   16. Chronic
7. Bad Idea   17. Last Hour
8. America's Right   18. Human Cargo
9. Right To Die   19. Dont Listen To The News
10. Slide   20. Not Guilty
  21. Easy