Hicks, Bill / Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91
Album: Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 Pittsburgh, Pa 6/20/91   Collection:Comedy
Artist:Hicks, Bill   Added:Feb 2006

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-02-27
Posthumous release of performance by the master. Most routines are familiar (seeing as he’s dead and cant come up with anything new…) but there’s an urgency, a psychotic-ness about this. Maybe “urgency” isn’t correct, more like there’s a apathetic sarcastic desperation (even for hicks !!) here where you can really feel his misery. Lots of ripping on the audience, preaching, his bad attitude doesn’t sound staged here. For true connoisseurs of Hicks.

1) intro
2) summer, the beach, moths
3) fuck
4) smoking, smokers
5) yul Brenner, smoking
6) smoking, rips the audience
7) cnn, the news
8) being for the war but against the troops, “there never was a war…”
9) war, 5th largest army
10) “the war made us feel better about ourselves”
11) cell phone ripping on audience
12) love connection, tv, jerk off and go about your day
13) the girl of my dreams…
14) “wisp of cotton candy surrounding a paper cut”…
15) arsinneo hall
16) driving
17) fucks with the audience bigtime
18) being in school
19) audience, work theme
20) bosses, “pretend to work”
21) great times on drugs, egg, hicks improves and really gives the feeling that he’s lost it
22) marijuana should be mandatory, crazy improves
23) bullshit letters to penthouse
24) “the door is a jar”, people on drugs are not criminals
25) families should trip together
26) drugs have done great things
27) taco bell playdoh
28) beelzebozo
29) “if a hardon falls in the forest…” cause of sexual thought/porno, cart before the horse
30) womens attitudes toward porno
31) goodbye, brief

Track Listing
1. Intro   16. What's Wrong?
2. Summertime   17. Vs. The Audience 2
3. The F Word   18. School Days
4. Smoking   19. Vs. The Audience 3
5. Yul Bryner   20. Working
6. Trying To Quit   21. Great Times On Drugs
7. The News   22. Mandantory Marijuana
8. The War   23. Penthouse Letters
9. Worst Audience Ever   24. Talking Car
10. More War   25. Summer Trip
11. Are You Guys Drug Dealers?   26. Drugs Have Done Good Things
12. Praying For Nuclear Holocaust   27. Menu?
13. Girl Of Your Dreams   28. Beelzebozo
14. Young Lady   29. Cause Of Sexual Thought
15. Vs. The Audience 1   30. Mechanics Of Pornography
  31. Goodnight