Duncan, Paul / Be Careful What You Call Home
Album: Be Careful What You Call Home   Collection:General
Artist:Duncan, Paul   Added:Feb 2006

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Album Review
Wicked Child
Reviewed 2006-02-17
Post-folk/Electro-folk heavily influenced by 70s experimental music. Gentle rhythms, sometimes lullaby like. At it's poppiest, this album sounds like Beck's Sea Change, at it's weirdest, it's channeling ambient Eno and found sound. In the middle, a bit of The Album Leaf circa 'In a Safe Place'. The album doesn't have a concrete sound, so it's never boring. I enjoyed almost every track on here. It's got a great blend of all instrumentation weird but organic-sounding -- glockenspiel! melodica! rhodes piano! The lyrics are throwaway & insipid, but the music is pretty enough and the vox muddled enough that it doesn't matter. FCC Clean. Picks: 5, 8, 12. -Wicked Child

1) Bit of drums, folk guitar, soft male vocals. Brian Eno ambient warble effect in the middle. Last 10s are nearly silent. (2:01)
2) Sea-Change era Beck. Deliberate guitars that get louder in between male/female harmonic vocals. Lost, but searching feel. Punctuated with piano and glockenspiel. (3:56)
3) Minute of pleasant guitar and atmospherics, minute of male vocals. More glock! Sweet track, but doesn't do much. (2:23)
4) (Instrumental) ambient noise & thunder. Then long cleanly picked notes over ambiance. A 4-minute version of music for airports 1-1. Awful static sound for last 40s, I would fade out before then. (4:20)
**5) Electronica opening, drum machine sound throughout. Airy male vox. Borderline glitch-pop. Last minute is hypnotic. (4:17)
6) (Instrumental) Soft piano builds, adding claps, chimes and breathy choir sounds. So beautiful. Wish it was longer. Last 10s are nearly silent. (3:01)
7) (Instrumental) Found sound until 50s, then fingerpicked folk acoustic guitar. Occasional synth scale. Static/ambiance in the background. (2:46)
**8) (Instrumental) Electric throughout, building guitar with tip-tap drums. A bit repetitive, but who cares, its gorgeous. Like the crescendo bit of a Mogwai song, but prettier. (2:51)
9) Slow piano and delicate, dreamy male vox. Tugs at the heartstrings. (2:56)
10) (Instrumental) Discordant metallic guitar notes & feedback with long pauses between each. Not really a song, but still listenable. (3:30)
11) Mumbled, but not quiet, vocals over a sunshine guitar riff. (2:29)
**12) Sea-Change Beck. Piano, drums, muffled vox, ethereal noises. Some random guitar spazz-outs. (4:39)
13) Quick shuffling guitar waltz. Inconsequential vocals. Last two minutes are awesome, dreamy shuffling post-rock, could be an Album Leaf track.(4:37)

Track Listing
1. In A Way   7. Manhatten Shuffle
2. Tired And Beholden   8. Toy Bags
3. The Night Gives No Applause   9. oil in the fields
4. Toy Bell   10. (Aria)(Cave Song)
5. You Look Like An Animal   11. Content To Burn
6. Toy Piano   12. This Old House
  13. Riverbed