Various Artists / Compulation Vol.2: Songs From North Carolina
Album: Compulation Vol.2: Songs From North Carolina   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 2006
Label:Pox World Empire  

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1. Jun 30, 2006: Friday Mix
Lack Of Concentration
4. May 07, 2006: Multiple Personality Disorder
2. May 28, 2006: Multiple Personality Disorder
5. May 02, 2006: Radio Of Imagination
The Vis-Art Song
3. May 12, 2006: The National Congress Of Vaselines
Digging Dirge

Album Review
Kyle Macomber
Reviewed 2006-05-01
Collection of North Carolina indie rock. Picks= #*
Indie Pop: [1*,3*,4,6,7*,8,12*,16,17*,20]
Country/Folk: [5*,9,10,14*,18,21*]
Dance-punk/New Wave: [2*,19*]
Experimental: [13, 15]
“Left of center”: [11*, 22]
Impressive, diverse cuts of North Carolina music. Most of these songs are quite good. Interesting pattern between songs: I think more than half have this dual vocals thing with two singers at once – maybe it’s a fad over there. Also, a lot of these songs could have better endings… but other than that great music. FCC “Shit” #8.
1. ***Buzzing synth. Wall of sound. Distant, strained vocals. Atmospheric.
2. ***Electronica dance beat. Vocals have Caribbean hint. Fun song.
3. ***Dual guitar. Dual vocals. Strong drum beat. Piano accents. Thrown in noises make it interesting. Song builds well. Crazy transition @ 2 to end it.
4. Muffled, punky female vocals. Song starts fast but soon degenerates into blabble, then chaotic screaming.
5. ***Slower. Somber voice and feel. Violin, piano, acoustic guitar, and this alien abduction “wa-wa” sound (you’ll recognize it when you hear it).
6. Quirky up-down beat. Off-beat vocals. Nice, simple solo. Dragged out end.
7. ***Full sound due to drawn out, reverb vocals (and backing “ooos”). Echoing guitar complements vocals well. Interesting instrumental (banjo?)
8. [FCC: “shit”] Strong guitar strums drive song. Diverse vocals--go from talking to shouting. 2 different song parts. 2nd is more melodic, builds well.
9. Folky. Acoustic guitar, soft strained voice.(about blurring line of good+evil)
10. Slight country feel. Nice harmonica.
11. ***Funny song. Voice drenched in sarcasm, opens w/ video rental dialogue
12. ***Bouncy drum/guitar beat. Very poppy, traditional. But fun nonetheless.
13. Instrumental. Slow echo guitar strums. Disturbing building background noises. Dark/moody opening yields to fast, shaker driven ending.
14. ***Raspy soft voice. Calm beat flows in, out like the tides. Twangy guitar.
15. Weird. No melody. Off beat, clashing, random. Just unpleasant.
16. Dual vocals. Mostly drums + vocals. Quiet bass in background. Chorus has fast symbol beat and soft acoustic guitar. A little repetitive.
17. ***Soaring, female vocals. Full sound thanks to echoes and backing vocals. Interesting feedback solo.
18. ***Twangy guitar creates country feel. Nice voice. Light backing piano/ keyboard. Especially like the “everybody knows ” part, 1:17. Little slow tho
19. ***Deep, fast bass and drum beat layers with echoing guitar and synth. Reminds of Bloc Party. Drawn out vocals sound like Bono. Song catches u.
20. Guitar strums, punky dual vocals. Guitar driven, but heard better guitar b4.
21. ***Quiet. Acoustic guitar, soft voice. Humming background. Interspersing shaking bell beat. Dual vocals complement/cut in and out nicely.
22. Slow drum beat. Two male vocalists, hold notes forever. Not much more. Vocals and lyrics can’t carry song until backing finally comes in at the end.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Work Clothes Mosaic
2. Art Lord And The Self Portraits Sad Apples Dance!
3. Audubon Park Ghettos Of The Sun
4. Bellafea No Reply
5. Pyramid Digging Dirge
6. Manband Lack Of Concentration
7. Citified March Through Mayday
8. People Under The Bridge On A Forgotten Night
9. David Karsten Daniels Jesud And The Devil
10. Moaners, The Number Ones
11. Evil Wiener The Vis-Art Song
12. Autopassion Secret Devotion
13. Shark Quest Tibicen Malachisi
14. Summer Set Sunset
15. hotel motel Pinkytown
16. Tricky The Cosmonaut In The Sun
17. Fashion Design Reset
18. Erie Choir Everybody Knows
19. Spoider An Asshole In The Desert
20. Finks Caveman
21. Kingsbury Manx, The Crest
22. Torch Marauder, The Left Behind