Look Back And Laugh / Look Back And Laugh
Album: Look Back And Laugh   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Look Back And Laugh   Added:Feb 2006
Label:Lengua Armada  

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Power Corrosion
2. Oct 25, 2006: Baptism of Solitude
Empty Hand
4. Oct 05, 2006: At Your Local Dive

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-08-25
) Bad ass, fast, rockin’ hardcore punk from Oakland/Berkeley with Tobia (who played on the 1st Voetsek 7”) on vox. Raw, rippin’ and pissed off! Only drawback is there’s almost too many songs and the vocals are sometimes one dimensional.
(((((1)))) Go for the throat, snarling h.c. with a good breakdown.
(((((2)))) Killer beat, lots of awesome bass work, has the classic Discharge “haiku” lyric format.
((((((3))))) Totally aggressive and mad as hell. This song wastes no time and dog piles on your ears.
((((4)))) Fast but sorta catchy with backing vocals.
((((((5)))))) Rockin’, poundin’ riff & beats. One of their best songs to date.
(((6))) Blasting fast not too different from but has a decent breakdown.
(((1))) Standard HC formula, not bad but they already did this on side A.
((((2)))) Charging, deadly beast of a riff & vocal performance.
((((3)))) Varied riff, structure, pretty furious stuff.
(((4))) Decent beat but fails to stand on its own.
(((((5))))) Fast & “moshable”, cyclones of riffs, and audio annhilation. You can easily see Tobia & co. raging on the stage to this. (And damn do they ever!)
((((6)))) Raw & rough kinda like mid-paced crust without the stench?

Track Listing
1. By The Pound   7. Empty Hand
2. Crusade   8. Division
3. Power Corrosion   9. Masters
4. Throne Of Blood   10. Rocket
5. Heathen   11. Christened
6. Violence Coercion   12. Sinking Ship