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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 2005
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Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2006-03-04
Two disc set of “pop”-in quotes because with 41 bands there’s a lot of variation- from Portland OR. A few great tracks and plenty good’uns.

Disc 1:
++1.Rock, F voc, heavily distorted guitar, cowbell. Energetic midtempo
+2.Guitar pop, M lead voc w/fem harmony. Happyish midtempo
++3.Syncopated simple hometape w/cheap organ & boombox, fem voc. (Very diff from the album version)
+4.fem semi-rap, boys u kno u wanit (a ‘nicer’ Peaches)
+5. Dub, weird, backwards vocals
6.Minor key singer/songwriter, M voc w/f backup. AltCountry/Beatle
7.Expansive pop (fuzz&echo w/electro beat) keeps building
+8.Starts noir guitar then goes post-rock pop w/M vox
9.Acoustic guit & paino, slower, after-the-rain feel
+10.Acoustic guit & uncertain M voc, then off-kilter bassy band
+11.Pretty elect guit, interesting phrasing/overdubs, distant voc, drums crash in improve near end.
12.Electro madness, amalgam of snippets
13.80’s style synths, woman singing “Iko” (in the 80’s, made famous by The Belle Stars…) to new accompaniment- bizarre- doesn’t work
++14.String samples & semi-yelled m vox drive angst-indie rock
+15.buzzy (triangle wave) bass, catchy dance music based on 8/bits,instr
16.Vibraphone, breathy accented “off” voc, simple elec beat, personal
+17.Speedy angst rock, organ, 2 semi-yelled M vox, roto-tom?
+18.fingerpicked guitar & piano, M voc, sweet folky 70’s-ish
+19.Great example of the electro+pop post-rock sound, instr
+20.Goofy pop, fun. Distant drums, M voc, kbd, cello front+center

disc 2:
+21.Poppy super-production intro w/handclaps even, then fey F voc w/acoustic guit, “aahs” & tambourines, M harmonies, gotta luv it
+22.Minor key F voc angry rock, good delivery
+23.Fast M punk, badly-recorded (cass boot)
++24. FCC:“darn you fuckers” at t-2:39. Southern gothic blues? Piano and expertly noodled elec guit, noisy synth noises near end
+25.Gentle piano intro then bouncy communal play/singing
26.distorted bass & guit, M vox, midtempo (should be faster or louder!)
++27.midfast F voc drum-heavy minor-key rock, guitar double-dubbed
+28.Silly fast M rap, 3 MCs, middle-east themed, fun
29.M sing-songwrtr, voc way upfront, pleasant Sunday-dive music
+30.M voc med-quiet pop, nice interplay of elec pianos. finale w/drums
+31.Story pop. Guits & drums. Mid-fast, catchy, good variations.
32.Vocoded voc, beatbox & round synth, stripped-down then muddy
+33.Gypsy-style violin & guitar, old-world dance, live rec, speeds up!
+34.I love the pounding intro- F voc, noisy kbd- naïve industrial dance?
+35.Acoustic guit (some elec), self-harmonized breathy F voc, purdy
+36.Heavy drumloop, minimal vibraphone, sad M voc=unusual… “you’re amateurs & I’m professional” is the chorus
+37.Finger on the rim of the glass drones, bass & guitar laid back, F voc sings words drawn over plural bars. Chorus more rockin’
+38.Banjo & wah guitar! Upbeat pop (w/alt-country), wry M/f vox
+39.Banjo, acoust guit, pedal guit, vibraphone, M vox, minor key, neat
++40.Dreamy whispered vox, fingersnaps & heart beat. Gentle fingerpickt guit. Swirling flute interlude. An improved Beta Band.
+41.Slow, acoustic guit plucking & some melodica (accordion?). Plaintive, lost. M brit-sailor voc in 80’s Billy Brag style.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Sleater-Kinney Rollercoaster
2. Minders, The I'm So Low
3. Mirah While We Have The Sun (4-Track Home)
4. Blow, The Pile Of Gold
5. Nice Nice Uh-Oh
6. Dolorean To Destruction
7. Swords Radio Radio
8. Please Step Out Of The Vehicle Clawz
9. Desert City Soundtrack Second Sickness
10. Hold Ons Evil Falls
11. Modernstate Windows & Walls
12. Yacht Daydreams With Daffodils (Stepperz Remix)
13. Glass Candy Lovin Machine
14. 31 Knots No Sound
15. Copy Just Expect
16. Toothfairy Why'd You Have To Die?
17. Point Line Plane Descender
18. Alan Singley These Tress Are For Resting
19. Talkdemonic Mountaintops In Caves
20. Spooky Dance Band Chemical Reaction
21. Viva Voce Alive With Pleasure
22. Gossip, The It's Over
23. Thermals, The God And Country (Live)
24. Blues Goblins A Plague Upon The Whitehouse
25. Menomena Sista Social Theme Song
26. Die Monitr Batss Gore Appeal
27. Lkn To An Angel On No Condition
28. Myg Feat. Mikah S, Sleep, Zellp Rok The Untold Story
29. M Ward Hi-Fi
30. Sexton Blake Emma
31. Sunset Valley Smallest Man
32. Snuggle Ups, The Move Your Body
33. Shicky Gnarowitz And The Transparent Wings Of Joy Freilechs Von Der Chuppe
34. Wet Confetti Laughing Gasping
35. Jessica Jones What We'll Admit
36. Binary Dolls I Am The Only Master Of The Ten-Key
37. Point Juncture, Wa Cardboard Box
38. Norfolk & Western A Gilded Age
39. Cajun Gems Homebody
40. Helio Sequence All Of These Things
41. Decemberists, The From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea) (Demo)