Various Artists / Psycho Pop Volume 1.
Album: Psycho Pop Volume 1.   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2005
Label:Acidsoxx Musicks  

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Blind Circle
4. Aug 24, 2006: Cognitive Overload
The Sandbox Legacy, Blind Circle
2. Jan 30, 2009: The Pants Down Oval Office
Bloated Floater
5. Mar 28, 2006: Eclectica: With Ashish
Blind Circle
3. Nov 30, 2006: Cognitive Overload
The Sandbox Legacy
6. Mar 14, 2006: Eclectica
Girl In The Kafka Tshirt

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-01-23
Cool collection of strange tunes, aptly described by the title. Acidsoxx records is quickly becoming a repository of some of the most interesting “musicks” out there, often childlike, “toypop”, often strange and twisted, seldom over-the-top noisey but always intriguing. These songs all rely heavily on simple Casio like synths, little use of full drum sets or any instruments played in a conventional manner. In fact, most the vocals have been pitched changed or otherwise manipulated. All of this is very trippy stuff, yet it really is all POP. Cool.

1) downtempo hip hop’ish beat with cool dark melodies and samples
2) spooky synth feel, carnivalesque and dark
3) lounge exotica flare with vibes and percussion, silly voiceover about “finding my lost sandbox”, strange as hell
4) nice noise elements, spacey and trippy, female accented voiceover for fans of Bjork, Portishead
5) upbeat exotic pop
6) pitched changed voices, silly about “love”, with a minimal Casio melody, really weird, launches into electrobeats, collage-like
7) “Toy Pop” band that was popular on A-file a few months back, melodic childlike feel
8) very Casio one man band feel, silly lyrics
9) noisey experimental feel, halting, midway an indie rockish song appears in the mess
10) FCCs (too bad)
11) FCCs
12) cool bedroom funky synth pop w/ pitchchanged vocs, strange
13) FCC
14) slower plodding song, dark ballady
15) interesting percussive sounds, mopey lyrical delivery, morose strings
16) dead air for first 1:50, sparse treated voice with minimal percussion and notes, then treated Beatles samples and lots and lots of fun

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jtiom Bloated Floater
2. Falter Bramnk Blind Circle
3. Scott, Norm The Sandbox Legacy
4. Maisie Universal
5. B.Hama And The New Hobos Girl In The Kafka Tshirt
6. Happy Lawn Gnomes Modern Space Invader
7. Klimperei Hippopotames Sous Leau
8. Pope John Paul Iii I Like Girls
9. Orange, The Mars In A House + Red Planet
10. Pudding Attack Shes A Nymph When She Talks
11. Waxen W. Wane Twitch
12. Baby Fish Mouth No Job
13. Hello Daylight Space Floater
14. Considerable Jesus I Hardly Know
15. Minaruttes Maruttes Morning Tears