Men's Recovery Project / Best Of Men's Recovery Project, The
Album: Best Of Men's Recovery Project, The   Collection:General
Artist:Men's Recovery Project   Added:Nov 2005
Label:5 Rue Christine  

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Album Review
Lawrence Of A Labia
Reviewed 2006-02-03
Men's Recovery Project
Best Of Men's Recovery Project

Grating electronic art rock. Crude musically. Often crude subject matter. Super demented. Cutting, Brash, and frequently bizarre. Punkish irreverence, touching on subjects ranging from our iraqi debacle to "get your dick out of my food" to the surreal. Vocals range from early 80s hardcore screaming to tweaked computer voices. The lyrics to the songs are more often than not just the song titles repeated. Definitely a bad dream; music to subject yourself + your friends to, not music to "enjoy". Formed in 1993, (now defunct?) MRP is a duo (ex -Born Against Sam McPheeters, and Neil Burke). This is a Greatest Hits collection. Has material from latest "bolides over basra". In short shitty synths, shitty guitar, shitty drums, and shitty robot voices = sick nightmares for josh.

**1. catchy (relatively)". instrumental. 1:44
**2. fast. distorted voice. instruemental 1:36
**3. fast. "stubble on the chin of a vicious brute" repeated 2:14
**4. FCC "fuck" lots of crazy sampled voices and sounds. 1:21
*5. black flag vocals over spare synth"sexual pervert" on a bus "trying to get off" 0:59
**6. pounding four on the floor. bad guitars. vocals sound like day-glo abortions narrating about unhappy people 1:53
**7. fast beat with sterile synth 0:49
**8. FCC indecent. Lots of "fucks". Clip of breaking glass bottle, then hard beat you could imagine el-p making. 1:27
*9. more "listenable" beat with narrator on woman who's man disappears.2:12
*10. weird phone message, then scary beat, noises, and voices 2:08
11. screamed punk voice 0:47
***12. can't do this justice. 0:32
*13. instrumental. stabbing synth noises. howling wolf 2:10
14. "i saw you in the parking lot" 0:30
*15. robot voice says "egyptian assassin" over middle-easterny beat. 3:02
*16. very much hardcore punk. not like other songs really 2:26
*17. hardcore lyric delivery and weird beastie boys voice 2:29
**18. as per title samples of "man urinating, laughter" 0:25
*19. back to no-wave sound. political dissatisfaction if only could make out lyrics 0:59
**20. pac-man sample, punk beat, lots of screaming "the mayor is a robot!" 0:52
21. sparser. "shouts of men's recovery" 1:18
***22. FCC indecent "fuck" computer voices uncomfortable office situation 0:40
*23. FCC "dick" (unintelligible) space noises, sparse grindcore drum beat but without bass or guitars "get your dick out of my food" (it tastes bad) 1:48
24. unintelligible lyrics, rock beat 0:26
*25. synth beat, alien refusing to have people eradicated. "i am a thousand yr. old frozen head, and i DEMAND to be thawed" 1:27
26. synth/organ runs. machine gun snare, theremin sound-a-like. instr. 0:56
**27. buzzing synth. trash can cymbal. low distorted voice 1:12
***28. first 3 seconds could be a C-BO song. narrative about a fully sentient couch 2:39
**29. almost an awful early 90s slow motion west coast gangsta rap beat. more demented vocals 1:49
*30. "manhole" with many different emotional intonations 1:42
***31. unclear exactly what this skit is about, but take a listen 0:23
32. really annoying beat. 0:31
***33. trundling timpani, screaming, synth bleeps, ends with elephant cry 0:30
**34. a kid's sing-a-long beat gone wrong + thereminy noises 1:52
***35. FCC "asshole", again unclear what is going on, but there is frantic yelling and ordering. 0:27
*36. similar in narrative tone to 28. about a dead body 2:08
**37. FCC indecent "fuck it", "fuckin sausages". There is harmony! 2:20
**38. vocal samples, and many different characters talking over beat... more goofy than eerily bizarre.2:52
***39. slow lugubrious instr. with weird sounds esp. towards end 3:53
***40. Great samples of distorted classical music! 1:43

Track Listing
1. 700 Story Building   20. The Mayor Is A Robot
2. Cacti   21. Men's Recovery Project
3. Stubble On The Chin Of A Vicious Brute   22. Get The Fuck Out Of My Office
4. Bleeding Gash   23. Get Your Dick Out Of My Food
5. Sexual Pervert   24. Homo?
6. Frank & Judy   25. Resist The New Way
7. Occoquan   26. Million Man March
8. Smokable Birth Control   27. Clark In My Car
9. In Khartoum   28. The Couch
10. How Long Have You Lived In This House?   29. You Pay Attention To Me, Not Vice Versa
11. Fresh Frankness   30. Man Hole
12. Problem?   31. Remove Paints
13. Remove Dead Birds   32. Joe Preston
14. Port Uguese Princess   33. Captured Danish Photographer
15. Egyptian Assain   34. Boums To Zan Zibar
16. Normal Man   35. Thaw Waltz
17. Why We Are Lazy   36. They Found My Naked Body
18. Man Urinateing, Laughter   37. New Talking Sausage
19. Vote Fraud On The Moon Base   38. Avoid Drug Pregnacy During Alcohol
  39. The Aweful People In The Empty Club