Mount Eerie / No Flashlight
Album: No Flashlight   Collection:General
Artist:Mount Eerie   Added:Nov 2005
Label:Pw Elverum & Sun  

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Album Review
The Bawd Of Euphony
Reviewed 2005-11-15
Mount Eerie is Phil Elverum and what used to be The Microphones (K records, Know-Yr-Own). You see Phil spent 4 months living on a mountainside in Norway during Norway’s cold winter. Phil emerged inspired, reborn and playing simple acoustic/folk centered songs. Phil then expanded them to fit into the incredible unique experience that was the microphones. The fuzzy bass and distorted drums of the Microphones era are swapped with acoustic guitar and organically built percussion. The Heavily layered vocals and odd structures are still there, but more mature and refined. What stands out on this record are the amazing grooves and come in, infect you and then exit quickly. Phil hasn’t lost his pop sensibilities either, singing catchy hooks and beautiful melodies. This record is a Joy to listen to with new discoveries with every listen. Call it Electronic-Folk-Avant Guarde-Pop. Play it all, and play it often. tHE bAWD oF euphony

1**(2:32) Simple percussive pulse w/ acoutic chords. Subdued and beautiful. Sets the tone for the rest of this great record. Great great melodies, simple and amazing.
2**(5:00) my favorite track, starts with overdriven preamp chords. Infectious groove starts and shifts the song into and folk-pulse led my acoustic guitar and vox. Moving and beautiful!
3* (2:53) This smells of old microphones and is kinda out of place if you ask me. Fuzzy distorted drums and electric guitar get loud and punk. Wierd
4**(1:33) Piano and vocal driven. Electronic rumbling. Great pulse and fuzzyness. cool
5**(1:51) awesome pulse and textured guitars w/ simple vocals. Love it!
6**(1:09) Almost Cuban feeling. Cool acoustic chords. Short and sweet!
7**(3:02) Open electric chords and burning openness. Awesome riff carries it further. Another standout number.
8*(3:04) Title track. Epic, deep and dark.
9**(1:20) Cool pulse theme from earlier. More acoustic guitar. Cool
10**(3:02) Slow vocals and guitar. Narcotic pulse comes in and out. Free and cool
11*(1:54) Full on marching band. CRAZY!
12**(2:57) Another great one. Awesome melodies from the guitar and vocals. Repeated dark piano pounding. Epic feel.
13**(2:30) Cool vocal piece. Large ensemble of hums, guitar and pulse. Female duet.
14**(3:55) Long quiet intro of Phil walking and wind chimes. This is the Title track again but mellower and weirder. Great guitars!.One of my favorites
15**(1:07) Quick beautiful folk goodness. Ends abruptly.

Track Listing
1. I Know No One   8. No Flashlight
2. I Hold Nothing   9. (2 Mountains)
3. The Moan   10. The Air In The Morning
4. In The Bat's Mouth   11. The Universe Is Shown
5. No Inside, No Out   12. What I Actually Am
6. (2 Lakes)   13. How?
7. Stop Singing   14. No Flashlight
  15. (2 Moons)