Barr / Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case
Album: Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case   Collection:General
Artist:Barr   Added:Oct 2005
Label:5 Rue Christine  

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Add Date: 2006-06-18 Pull Date: 2006-08-20
Week Ending: Jun 25
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Anthems And All
3. Jun 20, 2006: Radio Of Imagination
2. Jun 24, 2006: Epic Soundtracks
Like, I Used To Like

Album Review
Reviewed 2006-06-12
Audio performance art. Spoken poetry/stream of consciousness/nonsense + minimal, percussive instrumentation. Songs start and end suddenly. Solo project by Brendan Fowler, also in New England Roses and head of Doggpony Records. Play with Young People, Mecca Normal, Public Image Limited, Anticon hip-hop. Excellent.
FCC indecent: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11. FCC obscene: 13. Includes FCC clean disc--use it. Start with 3, 7, 16.

1. Spoken word and drums. Becomes intense. Starts with brief self-reflective spoken intro. Ends suddenly.
2. Voice and echoey drums. Dynamic. Includes some Porky-Pig silliness.
==> 3. FCC indecent (use clean disc) Spoken word, xylophone, drums. Rockin’ beat. Conversation with father.
4. Extremely short track “Watching skateboards and watching drums.”
5. FCC indecent (use clean disc) Under a minute. Just solo spoken voice with a bit of ambience.
6. FCC indecent (use clean disc). Voices and minimal, intense drums. Diatribe on various topics. “Maybe a magazine is the best way to talk about people and shoes and problems.” Ends with Glockenspiel note.
==> 7. Glockenspiel and voice... bordering on, but this side of, manic. Fades.
8. Voice, drums, and strings. “This is a call to arms... this is a call to dogs’ arms and legs.” Ends with several seconds of silence, then a final little splash of music.
9. FCC indecent (use clean disc) Piano and voice. Starts with solo piano. Brushed drums come in later. False ending, then continues with half-sung vocals.
10. Extremely short track. “They are all separate tracks.”
11. FCC indecent (use clean disc) Spoken word but almost sung. Jazzy drums mixed low. “Take him and tear him and destroy him.” Becomes a cappella solo voice toward end.
12. Short track: solo drums.
13. FCC obscene (use clean disc) Voice mixed low. Drums loud in repetitive, descending motif.
14. Bass guitar, drums, and spoken voice. Tells a semi-coherent story.
15. Instrumental: off-kilter rock drums, then piano.
==> 16. Voice and dramatic, minimal, loud (but quiet) drums.

Track Listing
1. A Cover   9. My List Of Demands
2. Lights Out   10. (All Separate)
3. Like, I Used To Like   11. Sing Sit Singing
4. (Watching)   12. Greg.
5. Anx- Worth It   13. That That Good
6. Is All For Updated   14. Us
7. Secretly   15. Everyone
8. A Call   16. Anthems And All