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Album Review
Elias (Dr Furious)
Reviewed 2005-10-03
Seminal '80s punk/agit-punk/post-punk. A few are the bands that emerged from the late 70s/early 80s punk explosion with a unique sound becoming a point of reference if not a subgenre in themselves. Dutch band the Ex is one of them. Their signature sound are intense leading vocals, a series of words yelled out loudly and rapidly under a single breath, and a metronomic rhythm section; drum beats landing with militaristic accuracy and bass/guitar sounds grinding out a thrashy concoction as if to provoke or agitate a revolting apocalypses. Albeit an ever-changing line up, the Ex have aged through the years like good ole wine upholding radical idealogy and exploration without ever compromising their performance standards. This is a must-have CD for all the die-hard fans and a great introductory CD to all the unenlightened. An awesome compilation of all the 7 inch singles that the Ex put out between 1980 and 1990. Here, you will trace all the influences and creative permutations that shaped and made the Ex a band of seminal proportions. While the signature sound of the Ex is present throughout, stylistically you may find yourself recognizing elements from seminal punk rock'n'roll (John Lydon, Billy Childish), art-punk (Wire), "post-punk" and no wave (Gang of Four, Joy Division, Blurt) bands as well as traces of free-jazzy improv psychedelia, heavy metal and world folk. This is as great of a musical journey for an 1980s punk band as it could have ever been and luckily is all in your hands. Enjoy!
Play it all... and then play it all again!!!
1. Sounds like an out-take from Wire's Pink Flag sessions.
2. Beautiful bass and lead guit melodies backed by militant guitar/drum section. Straight up punker! Fucking love it!
3. FCC (fucking)
4. Joy Divisionish bass intro. No wave sax and angular guitar chops. Mid tempo. Rhythmically cathcy.
5. Bouncy melodic punker. Got the Brit 77 quality and fire inside. Think John Lydon and the Pistols.
Great title ("stupid americans"). FCC.
6. Metal-sounding guitar. Stripped down, sparse, industrial, dark.
7. Wow... the melody! Think early Go Betweens going on punk-rock paroxysm.
8. The apocalyptic sound of the Ex. Guit sounds like grinding metal.
9. No wavy, noisy, angular. Very post-punk. Think Blurt.
10. Fast. A mayhem of noise. Cool feedback distortion.
11. No-wavy, mathy and dancy. Noisy lead guit. Think Erase Errata.
12. Big echoy sound. Nice bells and chimes. "Gonna rob the SPERM BANK".
13. Dub, dissonant, noisy, angular, sparse.
14. Slow, mechanical. Gang of Four-ish.
15. Noodly bass and crushing guitar sound and cymbals. Think early Joy Division. Long track. Mostly instrumental.
16. Brilliantly intense vocals. Almost out of breath. Super fast and chaotic guit noise and riffature.
17. Out-of-breathy vocals, no wavish bass lines, and crushing guitar fuzz. Free jazzy keys.
18. Monsterous bass sound. Evolves into free jazzy folk-psychedelia. Violins and all.
19. Drum-machine and cool spoken word. Former KZSU dj JohnN says this sounds like Helmet (at least their debut LP).
20. Straight up, balls-out punker! Dirty! "i spit on the flag"
21. Drum roll intro. Heavy metal-ish, thrashy piece.
22. Cool dutch female lead vox. Folky and psychedelic.
23. Brit-sounding punk rock'n'rool. Triumphant and exhuberant. A protest song? De-evolves into noisy chaotic end.

Track Listing
1. Human Car   12. Gonna Rob The Spermbank
2. Rock 'n' Roll-Stoel   13. When Nothing Else Is Helpful Anymore
3. Cells   14. Memberhips
4. Apathy Disease   15. Trash
5. Stupid Americans   16. Crap-Rap
6. Money   17. Long Live The Aged
7. Curtains   18. Enough Is Enough
8. Weapons For El Salvador   19. Rara Rap
9. Dust   20. Contempt
10. New Wars 2   21. Stonestampers Song
11. Constitutional State   22. Lied Der Steinklopfer
  23. Keep On Hoppin'