Cossa, Benji / Vault: Volume 1
Album: Vault: Volume 1   Collection:General
Artist:Cossa, Benji   Added:Sep 2005
Label:Magic Marker Records  

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Add Date: 2005-12-18 Pull Date: 2006-02-19
Week Ending: Jan 8 Dec 25
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1. Jan 06, 2006: Eels in the Loo
Love Is Like Lightning
2. Dec 23, 2005: The Ground State
Who Took The Rebels

Album Review
Reviewed 2005-12-15
Cossa, Benjie – Benjie Cossa’s Vault: Volume 1 – Magic Marker Records
Reviewed by Peter 12-15-2005

Cossa made an A-file appearance earlier this year as part of the A House Full of Friends collection (I highly recommend that track). Apparently, this is the first release consisting of exclusively his songs, rather than compilations or self-released singles.
The material is solid and consistent – mostly lo-fi, folk-influenced pop songs with acoustic strumming and electric moments woven in. I found that the longer songs tended to be more substantial in not only time, but in song-writing as well. The beginning of the album is a good assortment of short, varied pieces; the second half may be more memorable, though perhaps less varied.
Nothing to go wrong with here, but watch the false and abrupt endings on 4 and ten respectively.

FCC Clean
1. 0:53 Mellow, mid-tempo banjo and whistling.
2. * 2:00 Cheery, mid-tempo folk-pop with strummy guitars and dominant vocals.
3. 1:20 Down-tempo, starts with more minor guitars, includes oboe (?).
4. 1:37 Title explains it – simple ukulele strumming and vocals – abrupt false ending at t - :30.
5. 2:15 Noisy start, then guitar/vox combo again with strings (?), electric guitar halfway through, overlapping vocals, other effects.
6. 2:03 Electric, driving, dirty guitar riffs; vox is a clear and poppy as every, though.
7. 1:55 Stripped down, simple acoustic guitar and clear vocals harmonies. Electric guitar comes in towards end.
8. 1:47 Interesting combo of old-time folk guitar, pop vocals, and (later) a heavy electric rock bass line.
9. 0:25 Short (wordless) vox over simple guitar.
10. * 3:56 Nice simple pop – fast strumming balanced by calm vocals and slow, even, bass line. Straightforward and nicely done. *Abrupt ending at t - :11 (sounds cut off)
11. 3:02 Bouncy pop – lyrics aren’t cheerful, but the overall feel is a warm one.
12. * 4:32 Starts with a strong folk feel in guitars, vox introduce pop – more developed lyrics (I thought of Lou Reed for some reason) – nice.
13. * 3:15 False start, then uptempo pop, acoustic throughout, with electric interludes in the middle, whistling, and decent lyrics.
14. 0:38 Toy sounds – bells, rattle, train whistle, boings, etc.
15. 2:59 Female backup singers a la doowop, or the like. Straightforward acoustic guitar strumming and vox – repetition.
16. 2:54 Love song with acoustic strumming, loud, clear male vox and female supporting vox somewhere underneath.
17. * 4:23 Midtempo, cheery, laid-back. Acoustic strumming, electric riff and vocal harmonies – leaves you with a smile :)

Track Listing
1. Ice Skating   9. Ferris Wheel
2. Knock Out   10. Big Lights On The Strip
3. Pressured Performance   11. Affection
4. Ukelele   12. Who Took The Rebels
5. Love Is Like Lightning   13. You're Melody
6. Another Man   14. Wind Up, Wind Down
7. Four Wheels   15. Off My Mind
8. Homesick   16. Warm-Blooded Doll
  17. Bonafide American Dudes