Various Artists / Airwaves For Your Hairwaves: Live On Wnur
Album: Airwaves For Your Hairwaves: Live On Wnur   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 2005
Label:Wnur-Fm 89.3  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-11-08
A great collection of math rock, dance punk, no wave, noise rock, art rock, and related. All recorded live in WNUR’s studio. There is a common thread of fucked up and often complicated sounds on this collection and the production is great, in most cases I couldn’t tell the tracks were live. Interesting that there are a handful of bay area bands on here.
**1. Quick, noisy, bass driven, and instrumental.
2. From San Jose. Melodramatic vocals, keyboards and junk yard percussion creating some form of arty rock.
**3. Sacramento duo playing complicated, quick, math rock. The guitar and drum interaction on this track is just amazing. Sit back for a section and try and tap along with his drums. Wow.
4. Pretty indie pop leaning towards rock. Nice female vocals, somewhat in front of subtle guitar, drums and bass and then when she quits singing the band rocks louder.
**5. Jenny from Erase Errata side project. Simple drums and guitar over nervous vocals. Damaged and almost catchy.
**6. One of the Oxes best tracks. A driving dark rhythm that busts out into math rock heaven. The track goes through a number of changes and is instrumental. The guitar tone is wonderful.
**7. Abrasive, casio and drum duo with tons of effects on the odd vocals which reminds me a lot of other Load records bands like Lightning Bolt.
**8. Wow. Quick, metalish drumming with angular guitar which contrast each other through half the track. Math rock that sounds slightly metal. Lots of stop-n-go. Just try dancing to this.
9. Factory like noise that breaks out into noise rock for the last 30 seconds of the track.
10. Odd vocals, over simple keyboards that has lots of burst or spasms of rocking out. Think Pink and Brown.
11. Has an improvised rock feel. Very proggy. Long and instrumental.
12. Two keyboardists and a drummer. Noisy keyboards. This is a really unique sound that I’m having a hard time explaining.
**13. Dark, slow, damaged rock sounds with female vocals. This band contained two members that went on and formed Metalux.
14. A simple stomp.
15. Dancy beat, slightly funky, reminds me a LOT of James Chance.
16. Improvised sound, keyboard heavy, like a demented circus.
17. A bit more lofi and live sounding. Noisy music and vocals sung though either a cheap mic or something.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Oneida Each One Teach One
2. Xiu Xiu Don Diasco
3. Hella Biblical Violence
4. Young People Hot Horse
5. Paradise Island Sk8 Fever
6. Oxes Boss Kitty
7. Neon Hunk Fuzzybrains
8. Flying Luttenbachers The Elimination Of Incopetence
9. Hair Police Call The Ghost
10. Ex-Models Pink Noise
11. Cheer Accident Manwich
12. Point Line Plane Open Yr Mindlight
13. Bride Of No No Proven Formula
14. X27 Agent X
15. Old Time Relijun Tigers In The Temple
16. Lozenge Exasperanto
17. Japanther Critical