P.A.F. / Fingerprints Medecine
Album: Fingerprints Medecine   Collection:General
Artist:P.A.F.   Added:Sep 2005

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Almond Tree
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Nothing But Time
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Nothing But Time
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To Love You
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Nothing But Time

Album Review
The Bawd Of Euphony
Reviewed 2005-09-18
Ungodly! That is the sole word to describe the sound that this Oakland band generates. At first glance you think this is a bluesy rock trio, then in matter of seconds, a gentle guitar riff explodes, singer Scott Pinkmountain lets out a howling cry and there you are left with a fucking hole burned into your soul. Amazingly powerful, all songs are dark and brooding with reoccurring themes of loss, pain, and love. Slow deep bass coupled with fiery drumming keeps the listener in a steady tortured state of anticipation. Then BANG a fucking tree lands on you as you start sinking in quicksand! Sweet Jesus I used the word “fucking” twice in this review, which means one thing: THIS IS A GREAT FUCKING RECORD, so eat it, play it and rub it all over your naked body! –tHE bAWd oF eUPHONy

1**(6:26) Immediate howl! Slow brooding bass, guitar and sparse drums build into various explosions. Awesome!
2**(4:11) Rocking swing and heavy classic riffage. Awesome howling! Gets noisey.
3**(7:10) Slow moody feel. Open jazzy drums. Painful vox with cool harmonies. Fucking
great guitar solos. Rad!
4*(5:52) Slide guitar, up-blues riff. Swingy feel. As upbeat as they get. Bass player takes the vox on this one. Great feel
5**(6:20) Slow and deep. Dark and sparse with great harmonies again. Awesome riff and groove in the middle. One of my favorites!
6**(4:46) Bass and guitar fall into a US Maple like riff. Back to the broody blues. Heavy howling. The anticipation is high as they pause and explode together, AWESOME!
7*(6:30) Slow and Bluesy. Cool vocals and Swells. Great tug and groove.
8**(7:30) Jazzy feel with moody melody on top. Dark. Crazy falsetto vox. Im just waiting for the explosion. BOOM. Great guitar solo. Man I feel like I just lost my woman. I need a hug!
9**(8:30) Great guitar melody. Slow and brooding. Sparse rhythm holds it togther. This one gets epic. Love the loose swing feel. Feedback solo is choice as well! Another Standout!

Track Listing
1. To Love You   5. Free
2. Blue Plate Special   6. Passing Days
3. Nothing But Time   7. You Know
4. "Fruits"   8. Almond Tree
  9. Lost In Plain Sight