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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-11-23
Homegrown collection, as SF as you can get, this cd smells like piss and heroin, like a pre-Willie Brown 16th Street BART station: the best area bands on this each contributing a consecutive pair of tracks, recorded low fi and raw, this is why I live here. For fans of old Henry’s Dress, God is My Co-Pilot, and anti-production. Greatness. Highlights: Shitstorm, Two Gallants, Dirty Dirty.

1) Shitstorm: low fi dirty girl pop, guitar driven, urgent indie punk garage, yes!
2) mellow with girl harmonies, creepy guitar and synth, mellow but gets intense
3) Full Moon Partisians:
saw/theremin with low fi dirty guitars
4) acoustic based with guitars and other, strange Eastern flare in the vocs, a la Gogol Bordello, strange and too cool with female back up vocs
5) Two Gallants: wow, low fi recording captures the intensity of this drum/guitar-vocs duo, somehow upbeat yet singing “someday you gotta lay down and die”
6) instrumental, great, dark and intense yet bright (?) like only these two can pull off
7) Trainwreck Riders: rockabilly flare definitely has gasoline thrown on it and torched
8) simple rockabilly flare with a dirty face that looks like Meat Puppets ca. 1984 backwards in the mirror
9) Dirty Dirty: wed night live alumni, slower swingy dark w/ female backs, kinda dark and gothy and urgent
10) a silly drinking sing’along feel to this, smacks of Schlong or something else melodic and silly
11) Cow People: low fi cute pop sing-a-long again, boy-girl vocs, with saw or theremin
12) slow strummy cute low fi pop again, brass
13) Hiker/Biker: heavy instrumental rock, low fi though
14) low fi again, heavy indie rock feel, posty or something, post-emo low fi

Track Listing
1. Shitstorm   4. Trainwreck Riders
2. Full Moon Partisans   5. Dirty Dirty
3. Two Gallants   6. Cow People
  7. Hiker Biker