Chao, Manu / Radio Remba Sound System
Album: Radio Remba Sound System   Collection:World
Artist:Chao, Manu   Added:Aug 2005
Label:Virgin Records (France)  

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Album Review
Sadie McFarlane
Reviewed 2005-09-03
Chao, Mano - Radio Bemba Sound System (Virgin France)
Reviewed by Sadie O., 8/31/05
Live Manu Chao (Spanish reggae/rock) from 2000-2002 pieced together into a seamless flow that includes some of his hits like "Clandestino" and "Mala Vida" and a lot of audience noise and goofing off. There are lots of juicy bits in here, of course, but since they're woven into each other, often with audience applause, I suspect they'll often be hard to segue with other music really elegantly. I probably wouldn't just slap on a track without vetting it first. Most tracks in Spanish.
No FCC. Best standalone tracks 2, 3, 12, 18. Play 6 and 7 or 19 and 20 together – good songs, but don’t work well alone. Or you can set the player to continuous and go play in traffic for an hour.
1. 0:50 audience and random noises
2. 1:55 handclaps fade into vocals over organ
3. 2:13 **uptempo, full band, ska beat
4. 2:41 **mid tempo, more of a rock steady tempo, nice percussion, high energy
5. 3:09 uptempo ska, dubbish, takes a minute for full band to kick in
6. 2:50 **uptempo ska, same song as track 2 but with full band, backing vox, sound effects. Last 30 seconds dubbish, goes right into next track without a real ending.
7. 2:41 continued from prior track, but slower and with prominent bass, builds in tempo to pretty frenzied pace.
8. 2:34 mid tempo call and response intro, "cumbiamuffin" riddim, ends abruptly.
9. 3:54 slow, rather dreamy instrumentation, builds tempo. Last 8 seconds or so unrelated rhythmic clapping.
10. 2:34 uptempo ska, in English (repetitive lyrics), high energy.
11. 1:41 audience noise at start. Some speaking through loudspeaker, midtempo laid back music under.
12. 3:36 **nice bubbling reggae riddim, sung in English. Pleasant.
13. 1:04 high energy ska interlude
14. 0:20 shouts - intro to next track
15. 0:65 more shouts, high energy rock bit
16. 0:45 trumpet-based polka, leads into next cut
17. 2:09 nice fast number, but no real intro unless you play prior cut. Last 15 second a sort of "skit", not really connected.
18. 2:59 **midtempo reggae, a big hit for good reason. Nice Spanish guitar solo. Slow at ending.
19. 3:31 **uptempo, cumbiamuffin with horns. Goes right into next cut with no real ending.
20. 4:02 uptempo cumbiamuffin with accordion and funny noises. Suddenly switches to slow reggae in mid-song.
21. 2:26 uptempo with high-energy drums, electric guitar, horns. Another hit.
22. 0:33 frantic punky ska – really one song together with next track.
23. 1:10 see above.
24. 0:44 more frantic punky ska. Pretty much continues from above.
25. 3:32 an actual separate track! Lots of ambient noise and vox. When music finally starts, it’s pleasant midtempo reggae. Revs up a minute from end.
26. 1:59 *funk/rock with lots of scratching. Good fun.
27. 2:43 frantic rock with horns, switching to ska.
28. 3:16 starts with too much audience noise for a slow, mellow song.
29. 1:44 back to frantic ska. Instrumental apart from yelling. Really ends about half a minute early – the rest is all random noises.

Track Listing
1. Intro   15. Que Paso Que Paso
2. Bienvenida A Tijuana   16. Pinocchio
3. Machine Gun   17. Cahi En La Trampa
4. Por Donde Saldra El Sol?   18. Clandestino
5. Peligro   19. Umba De Barcelona
6. Welcome To Tijuana   20. La Despedida
7. El Viento   21. Mala Vida
8. Casa Babylon   22. Radio Bemba
9. Por El Suelo   23. Que Paso Que Paso
10. Blood And Fire   24. Pinocchio
11. Elzn...Para Tod@S Todo...   25. La Primavera
12. Mr Bobby   26. The Monkey
13. Bongo Bong   27. King Kong Five
14. Radio Bemba   28. Minha Valera
  29. Promiscuity