Red Channels, the / Lonely Melting Iceberg
Album: Lonely Melting Iceberg   Collection:General
Artist:Red Channels, the   Added:Aug 2005
Label:Ten Dollar Recording Co.  

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Add Date: 2005-10-02 Pull Date: 2005-12-04
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Feel-Good Comedy of the Year
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If the Sky Was to Suddenly O

Album Review
Reviewed 2005-10-03
Dub-folk-pop, female vocals. Pretty loungey. Rather experimental with lots of vocal processing and unusual playing of usual instruments (I wouldn’t be surprised if these folks aspire to the likes of Broadcast and the Twin Peaks soundtrack). Not much melodic or emotional variety. Songs 12 & 13 talk about jesus or god. Most songs end with a slow, semi-spooky fade. FCC clean. Start with 5, 6, 7, 15.

1. Spooky dub pop. Starts with spoken “Are you ready to go?” For final half minute gets very spacy and minimal and quiet. Ends on syth saxophone fade.
2. Alien psychedelic love ballad. Starts with angelic ‘ahhh’s. Highly processed female vox. Slow saxophone fade.
3. Demented, jangly folk pop. Starts with drums and then spoken “Why are you standing out here in the rain?”
4. Angelic folk-pop lullaby. Mostly strings and soft drums. Ends suddenly.
==> 5. Underwater slow, with lots of tasty effects. Gets almost as messy as an Ariel Pink song. Starts with multitracked vocals. Ends with repeating swept noise.
==> 6. Swaying, dark, sparse folk-pop ballad. Starts with cymbal taps and acoustic guitar.
==> 7. Sad goth lullaby. Starts with fretless bass and piano. Loses beat for final 30 secs.
8. Dreary ballad with piano and synthetic percussion. A bit house-y. Ends with solo synth percussion.
9. Relatively upbeat, as depressive pop goes. Starts with multitracked vocals. Becomes synth instrumental with 2 mins left, then multitracked vox return.
10. Lounge-reggae, mostly instrumental. Starts with spoken sample - male, then drums and keyboards. Track goes all over the map. Pace picks up a bit toward end.
11. Loungey lullaby. Starts with male spoken sample, repeated & reversed. “And he loves you anyway.” Ends abruptly.
12. Messy, zombie pop song with male vocals. Starts with spoken male sample about jesus. Ends with heavily reverbed vocals, male and female.
13. Insistent, monotonous pop that becomes swaying, dubby, and weird. Starts with spoken male sample about god. Strings get prominent toward end, but ends with processed percussion.
14. Saxophone-heavy dream instrumental. Starts with indecipherable male vocal sample. Gets Euro-folky toward end.
==> 15. Epic nightmare soundscape. Starts with processed guitar and ghostly vocals and takes off from there. Ends with spoken sample about creative people and then fades.
16. Sad, piano-based instrumental ballad. Starts with vocal sample, “This is a different environment.” Synthetic water sounds throughout. Slow fade.

Track Listing
1. Loungez   9. The Mike Trent Workout Proje
2. If the Sky Was to Suddenly O   10. Medak, Jack (Are You Experim
3. We Should Be at a Real Beach   11. Jerk
4. For You Dear   12. Hot Sand
5. The Diminished Accidental   13. Air in
6. Feel-Good Comedy of the Year   14. Argument for Preexistence
7. Plays & Hesitation   15. Fragola Bella
8. Japan   16. Lonely (Melting)