Bruce, Lenny / Let The Buyer Beware Disc 4: I Wouldn't Work This Shithouse Town For Fifteen Mil

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1. May 16, 2016: Everything A to Z week 43
Ruby the Robot
4. Mar 18, 2006: The Sleaze Hour
Divorice/Get Even/Stag Movie
2. Apr 12, 2006: The White Stripes, Live!
The Meaning of Obscenity PT1
5. Mar 16, 2006: Multiple Personality Disorder
Hooker that Balled the Prest
3. Mar 29, 2006: Brownian Motion
Dangerous Drugs/ Marijuana
6. Mar 15, 2006: Brownian Motion
Divorice/Get Even/Stag Movie, The Nerve of Faggots

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-02-22
Disc 4 of the new 6 cd box set of all his material, famous to obscure. The father of “lewd” comedy, challenging the conservative religious fundie nuts to his own demise. Early 60’s material. Really good. ALL CLEAN

1) “I’m going to piss on you”, that pretty much the joke, 60secs
2-4) performance-like with drum/cymbal accompaniment, commentary on shelly bermen, joey bishop, comedians of the day
(PLAY 5-7 TOGETHER) 5) “obscenity”, “vulgar”, “motherfucker”, great stuff commenting on its definition etc
6) generational stuff, funny comments on the hipster scene of the day, jazz, “motherfucker continues
7) “is it the word that’s dirty or the act?”, great socio commentary on war atrocities of US GIs fucking mothers and daughter during WWII
8) jimmy Hoffa, dated stuff
9) skit involving a homosexual deviant Lone Ranger
10) great, all about “drugs”, hypocrisy of drug laws, pre-dating Bill Hicks by decades, goes together with next track
11) religion, jews
12) Marilyn Monroe’s death
13) remembering some girl you screwed when you are famous
14) Kennedys
15) WC Fields, ends cold so let go into next track
16) obscenity again, ends cold so go into next track
17) “cocksucker” extended, testing a judge
18) brief, whores vs nuns
19) brief, las vegas, goes with next track
20) stereotypes, racism, irish, ends cold, play with next track
21) comparison of US cities, corruption, police
22) audience getting arrested for listening
23) espouses on his idea of comedy, in-studio, philosophy, goes through all the classic comedians, nice critique
24) skit, all about snot
25) picking up on women, how “faggots” pick up on eachother, wow
26) prostitute screwing the president
27) wow, divorce, TV influence, really deep and heavy stuff
28) midgets
29) audience heckling, Las Vegas sickness, shithouse town, Pearl Bailey, blends with next
30) playing Australia
31) skit, bela lugosi/Dracula living in a new york apt bldg, great live feel
32) wow, a “hidden mic” recording of cops warning him before he goes on stage to behave, quality is so so, would be nice with noise… wow

Track Listing
1. I Just Do It and That's All   17. San Francisco Bust/Judge Ent
2. Ruby the Robot   18. The Act Is Kissin' & Huggin'
3. Mort Sahl, Shelly Berman, Ja   19. Las Vegas Pt. 1/JOHNNY Mathi
4. Why the Breakfast Show   20. I'll Show You How Prejudiced
5. The Meaning of Obscenity PT1   21. Corrupt Cities/Chicago Schta
6. Norman Rockwell/The Jazz Sce   22. Audience Barter/Why Doesn't
7. The Word or the Act/We Fucke   23. Lenny on Comedy Pt. 2
8. Jimmy Hoffa/Castro & Cuba   24. Snot
9. Thank You Masked Man   25. The Nerve of Faggots
10. Dangerous Drugs/ Marijuana   26. Hooker that Balled the Prest
11. Jews Killed Jesus   27. Divorice/Get Even/Stag Movie
12. Marilyn Monroe/Narcotics Vs.   28. Norman Thomas/Filipinos Midg
13. You Don't Remember Me Do You   29. Las Vegas Pt. 2/PEARL Bailey
14. Kennedy's/Jonathan Winters   30. Australia
15. W.C. Fields the Anti-Semite   31. Bela Lugosi & Wallace Beery
16. The Meaning of Obscenity PT2   32. The Warning