Bruce, Lenny / Let The Buyer Beware Disc 1: The Bad Road Will Never Be Open
Album: Let The Buyer Beware Disc 1: The Bad Road Will Never Be Open   Collection:Comedy
Artist:Bruce, Lenny   Added:Aug 2005
Label:Shout Factory  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-10-26
(Note: this is the first CD of a six CD set that I am in the process of editing for FCCs)

Nothing I could write here would do justice to Lenny Bruce. You’ve heard the name; if you aren’t familiar with him then heres your chance (and chances are 98% of your listeners aren’t either). Real quick: Lenny was a controversial comic in the late 50’s, early 60’s who broke all the rules and gave birth to modern standup comedy. Though “blue” comics existed (e.g. Redd Fox) Bruce launched every day taboo into his act, subjects like racism, homosexuality, stereotypes, venereal disease, drugs. Stuff that we take for granted today in comedy but at the time was the equivalent of Larry Flint first showing pink in Hustler Magazine in 1974 (“hey, you cant do THAT!”). Bruce spent a lot of time on San Francisco stages and got thrown in jail for his act more than once and spent time in the courts defending the First Amendment. Unfortunately he croaked in 1966. Doubt he’d be doing Vegas today. Hanging out with Bill Hicks right now.

1) every nasty racial slur in the book, lots of “nigger” so hold on tight, the point is to defuse the words by using them
2) “does your daughter have the clap?”: about inability of children and people to talk to their parents etc about VD and get help because society is so uptight
3) solo/in-studio, as if on KPIX television, about himself/mental illness, humor = tragedy + taunt
4) self intro of sorts to a small audience
5) “dramatization” by Lenny of a prison hostage situation, gay theme in the end
6) story telling: recounting of uncomfortable conversations, “jewish’ness” comes up, etc
7) “show biz” talk, in character, faggot refs
8) Scene: comic talking to his manager about playing a “good room”, then a really crazy scene “at london’s palladium”, very long
9) whats in a name?
10) doing the Steve Allen show, what they wouldn’t let him say
11) chicks feel sorry for you when you tell them you have TB, but not bronchitis, actually is a digressed intro to the next track…
12) Lawrence Welk interviews junkie trumpeter (Miles Davis rip)
13) Classic: How Do You Relax Your Colored Friends at Parties
14) brief spoof of being interviewed on the radio
15) Lenny at a televised “penthouse party” at the Playboy Mansion, pretty much interviewing Hugh Hefner (the real Hefner).

Track Listing
1. Are there Any Niggers Out Th   8. The Palladium
2. The Clap   9. Explanation of Frank Dell &
3. Lenny on Comedy   10. Censorship on the Steve Alle
4. On Third Shows   11. Taking Requests/Hip Deseases
5. Father Flotsky's Triumph   12. The Lawrence Welk Story
6. Lima, Ohio   13. How to Relax Your Colored Fr
7. Intro to the Palladium/Annie   14. Gotta Split
  15. Lenny on Playboy's Penthouse