Koozilo / Midnight Movie Stills Vol 1
Album: Midnight Movie Stills Vol 1   Collection:General
Artist:Koozilo   Added:Aug 2005

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His Radio Song
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Lazy Susan
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His Radio Song
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Last Taxi

Album Review
Reviewed 2005-12-31
Artist: Koozilo
Album: Midnight Movie Stills, Volume 1
Reviewed by: Bea la O'

Midnight Movie Stills is a collection of eerie and quiet indie rock that occasionally have a country flavor. The lyrics are often sad or disappointed. The vocals, often played at the same or lower volume level than the guitars and drums, are often appropriately drowned out by the sweet, melancholic, and haunting instrumental melodies.
*Picks: 1, 9

FCC clean.

1. His Radio Song *pick 1*
Quiet with a strong beat. A sad lonely song, “tether ball for one…gave his hits for one” ironically set to a pleasant melody.

2. Passbook
Heavy guitar chords and drums play over a male voice singing, almost inaudibly, a story about the emptiness after falling in love.

3. Lazy Suzan
Country / Rock ballad. Heavy guitar chords drown out the man singing about lazy Suzan.

4. Just in Time
Voice sings underneath guitar. A very short song.

5. Halos
Country / Slow rock. An ambivalent proposal to give a relationship another try.

6. Last Taxi Ride
Guitar with a twang carries the slow melody of the song. A voice soft and at times threatening sings, “keep me on your mind.”

7. St. Annie
Fast western-inspired beat executed by guitar muffles the sad haunting voice singing about a Annie, “nobody called her what she was…and you could hear them…standing ‘round telling stories ‘bout the time they got a piece of her.”

8. The Second Plague
Dark instrumental piece. Guitar and keyboard play a serious, dark melody over lethargic drum beats.

9. Hindsight *pick*
Sweet playful guitar plays to a voice whispering about a “poster child for hindsight” who “would like to sit…a while and get it right.”

10. Autopilot
Instrumental. Quiet sounds reminiscent of a clock ticking and chiming.

11. Puzzled
Slow swaying guitar melodies play with a restrained voice singing a warning about a bad relationship, “can’t you see, it just won’t fit.”

12. Trepidation
Slow, heavier, rock. Low screaming vocals.

13. Bonded
A slow, quiet, rock melody. An almost inaudible voice singing “…I know that you aren’t happy no more.”

14. Chasing Mr. Reich
Instrumental. A pacing beat: accordion, drums, guitar.

15. Cabin Fever
Quiet melodic guitar chords over muffled voice talking or shuffling quickly. The song pauses and a soft voice sings, “this cabin fever wasn’t what I thought”

16. On Returning
Very quiet, discordant, sleepy. Thunderous and eerie but quiet voice whispers, “Come back around.”

Track Listing
1. His Radio Song   9. The Second Plague
2. Passbook   10. Hindsight
3. Lazy Susan   11. Autopilot
4. Just in Time   12. Puzled
5. Halos   13. Trepidation
6. Last Taxi   14. Bonded
7. Ride   15. Chasing Mr. Reich
8. St. Annie   16. Cabin Fever
  17. On Returning