Dew-Scented / Issue Vi
Album: Issue Vi   Collection:General
Artist:Dew-Scented   Added:Jul 2005
Label:Nuclear Blast  

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Add Date: 2005-09-04 Pull Date: 2005-11-06 Charts: Loud
Week Ending: Nov 6 Sep 11
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1. Nov 02, 2005: Eels in the Loo
Evil Dead
2. Sep 08, 2005: Baptism of Solitude
Rituals of Time

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-08-24
The silly named but awesome ultra-speed/death metal of Dew Scented is totally worth your time. Not really “retro” but a great mix of the classics (Destruction, Kreator, Slayer, At The Gates) and a totally batshit crazy, blast-beat fixated version of The Haunted.
(((((((1))))) Approaching grindcore speed but this is death/thrash, crazy 80’s soloing!
((((2)))) Straight-up thrash. Total “Haunting The Chapel”-era Slayer approach meets Sepultura. Good breakdowns, simple & potent riffs.
((((3)))) Basic thrash mixed up with modern flair. German vs. Bay Area styles, thrash vs. speed, 2005 vs. 1985.
(((4))) Standard form thrash with severe Slayer worship.
((((5)))) Rhythmic, charging, mid-paced, catchy.
((6))) Modern extreme yet melodic sound, like current-era Slayer/Lamb of God thudding.
((((7)))) Right after “Gooooo!” They don’t thrash it up. (I guess they didn’t wanna be yet another ATG ripoff). Huge inspiration from Destruction, big cycling riffage, verrrry nice.
((((8)))) OTT thrash mixed with medium speed Megadeth & almost out of breath vocals. 80’s video game FX by way of soloing.
(((((9))))) Relentless ultra-speed (FCC “fucking” 0:26), loud & crunchy riffage.
(((((10)))) Sodom/ATG inspired walloping velocity & intensity.
((((11)))) Standard but solid death/speed.
((((((12))))) Zeke cover. Ultra-speed by way of punk n’ roll. I dunno the original but this KILLS!

Track Listing
1. Processing Life   7. Bled Dry
2. Rituals of Time   8. In Defeat
3. Turn to Ash   9. Never to Return
4. Ruins of Hope   10. Vortex
5. Out of the Self   11. Conceptual End
6. The Prison of Reason   12. Evil Dead