Scavenger Quartet / We Who Live on Land
Album: We Who Live on Land   Collection:General
Artist:Scavenger Quartet   Added:Jul 2005
Label:Acidsoxx Musicks  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-11-11

Experimental rustic chamber music. Bubbling percussion, bass, subdued trap set, toys, samples, and automatics serve as the background for banjos, zithers and an array of classical instruments. Breaks in composition for alto sax improv. This music deserves to be played at aquariums. Songs range from classical, jazzy, polka, to watery soundscapes. At all times whimsical and adventurous. A warm, delicate album. No FCCs. Picks: 1,3,5,6,11,14.

**1) Brisk bleepy percussion. farfisa organ. alto sax and euphonium take melody. For exploring coral reefs.
*2) slow, pensive euphonium. halfway through, gentle drum shuffle with alto sax improv.
**3) 11/4 rhythm with driving melody that builds john adams style.
4) Very slow delicate waltz. string and background drone. Beware J-P.Rampal flute!
*5) Banjo with jazzy sax line. Marricone whistling towards end.
**6) Upbeat 7/4 polka/klezmer feel. Whistling. Uses a "variable speed fisher price popcorn popper".
-7) Stay away! Beware the Jean-Pierre Rampal flute!
*8) Almost a beat. Lots of samples. A more aggressive, frenetic feel.
*9) Slow soundscape. Air organ, chimes, euphomium, tenor sax, whistling.
10) Gamelan-like sounds, ukulele. Lurching. Baby gurgles. Aquatic rugrats?
*11) Plodding. Banjo. Toy piano, arco bass. Zither.
12) Slow and plodding. bass, jazz trap set, zither, and sax.
-13) High school marching band. Tongue in cheek. "Variation of the Smothers Brothers Show" is the theme. Beware J.P-Rampal flute!
*14) Soundscape. Guitar, banjo, sax noodles towards end.

Track Listing
1. Marvelous Argonaut   8. Savage Sawfish
2. Crimson Jellyfish   9. Sea Mirage
3. Wonderful Nautilus   10. Gummy Stickleback
4. Elegant Mermaiden   11. 6,000 Mureys of Julius Caesr
5. Fine-Haired Medusae   12. Dreaded Cuttlefish
6. Excitable Sea Porcupine   13. Curious Barnacles
7. Shy Polyps   14. Brittle Starfish