Pryor, Richard / Evolution Revolution: the Earl
Album: Evolution Revolution: the Earl   Collection:Comedy
Artist:Pryor, Richard   Added:Jul 2005
Label:Rhino Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-07-04
Double CD archiving some of his earliest work, recordings. Low fi in places (dont fret, the stereo balance is funky). This is what got Pryor so much attention/in so much trouble in the beginning. CD2 ends with a good interview, and the monlogue included in the film Wattstax is in here too. Incredible stuff. He shrugs off the label "black lenny bruce" but its not a bad moniker. Like Bruce, he pushed the envelope for Blacks in the same way Bruce did for gays and bohemians. This earlier stuff is sometimes slow to develop compared to his later more popular material that sucker punched you within seconds. In fact, theres almost no potty mouth on the entire first disc (however CD2 is replete, but I cleaned it all up good). Needlesstosay theres tons of timely, late 60's Black issues, addresses overt and best of all subtle, underlying racism that abounds which makes this stuff timeless, important. Disc set progresses chronologically.

Disc 1:

1) intro, growing up in Peoria, school, spankings
2) improv on Batman and Robin, Japanese meme
3) heart talking to brain, silly
4) subway riding
5) playboy club
6) elementary school rendition of "rumpelstiltskin" 7) slippin in shit
8) birth control pills "no you dont!"
9) nigger babies
10) pryor's forte: the preacher impression
11) white man's religion, rips a racist heckler, why afraid of black power?
12) "dope"
13) getting beat up in jail, "i hope you turn white"
14) watching a play in prison where "the nigger gets killed", but doesnt and this has quite a utopian moral
15) funny comment on rural folk and the way they ramble
16) movie stars dont poop
17) war movies, underlying racism 18) the army
19) hippy dippys and Jesse
20) pimps and hookers and scammers, great impressions, characters that Good Times just ripped off blind
21) improv "thats flip wilson...we all look alike!... it wasnt me!"
22) god...a history of mankind

Disc 2 (Many tracks are erroneously brief so put on continuous and let a few fly):

play (2-6) (9-11 religion) (13-14) (29-31)
1) a pre-intro “where were you daddy when the shit hit the fan”
2) intro: getting high, cocaine
3) marriage, fighting, sex
4) wife’s friend’s big ones, affair
5) married people advice, coming
6) president Nixon doesn’t come, Nixon jokes
7) high school sex, fathers kicking ass
8) cops arresting “Nig-roes”, fathers getting involved, cop line-up
9) masturbation, very brief
10) religion, church and money, bullshit
11) Pryor’s forte: the Black Preacher
12) brief
13) white doods and the black man’s penis myth, sex
14) nudity
15) cops, black and white partners
16) black doods in the neighborhood barber shop
17) white folks playing basketball, fuck the osmond bros
18) uncle tom niggers
19) strip searches in jail
20) going home a star
21) brief
22-26) dope, panthers, shooting craps, whoring (26 can fly solo, its good)
27) insurance man
28) black vs. Negro, black is beautiful
29) sex is bad and violence is good, “I’d rather come” (than kill)
30) casual sex with a man
31) jacking off
32) snapping pussy
33) classic Pryor farting routine “girls don’t fart they go ‘poot’”
34) from the incredible film “Wattstax”: all about ‘niggers’ (!), longer, covers a ton of ground, play this one if any as its classic Pryor, political, cutting, socially relavent
35) black whorehouse w/ honkey johns
36) more whorehouse stories
37) Italian neighborhood, stereotypes
38) jim brown movies
39) niggers making movies vs. white folks, black musical, theatrical and animated
40) religion, jesus made crucifixes
41) street characters, classic Pryor
42) FCC (oops, I missed one)
42) long story telling, good white man stuff, some technical glitches
43) excellent interview with Pryor, funny too, really good, 1974

Track Listing
1. Peoria   33. Black Preachers
2. Improv, Pt. 1   34. Being Born
3. Heart & Brain   35. Blow Our Image
4. Taxi Cabs & Subways   36. Blackjack
5. Playboy Club   37. I Spy Cops
6. Rumpelstilskin   38. Sugar Ray
7. Slippin' in Poo Poo   39. White Folks
8. Birth Control   40. Indians
9. Nigger Babies   41. Ass Wupin'
10. Faith Healer   42. Got a Dollar
11. Black Power   43. Pres' Black Baby
12. I Feel   44. Dope
13. Jail   45. Wino Panthers
14. Prison Play (Aka Black Ben T   46. After Hours
15. Directions   47. 280 Pound Ass
16. Movie Stars in the Bathroom   48. Crap Game
17. War Movies   49. Insurance Man
18. The Army   50. Black and Proud
19. Hippy Dippys   51. Gettin' the Nut
20. Hank's Place   52. F**K the Faggot
21. Improv, Pt. 2   53. Jackin' Off
22. Mankind   54. Snappin' Pussy
23. Prelude   55. Fartin'
24. Gettin' High   56. Wattstax Monologue
25. F**K From Memory   57. Whorehouse, Pt. 1
26. Big Tits   58. Whorehouse, Pt. 2
27. Gettin' Some   59. Niggers & Italians
28. The President   60. Jim Brown (Alternate Version
29. Ass-Hole   61. Black Films
30. The Line-Up   62. Jesus Saves
31. Masturbating   63. Street Corner Wino (Wino & J
32. Religion   64. Wino & Junkie (Alternate Ver
  65. Interview